Muskets, Knee Breeches and Powdered Wigs: Taking a Stroll Back to 1776

First off, I’ve wanted to read 1776 by David McCullough for a very long time, so I was super excited to order it off eBay (I typically buy all of my books used for the cheaper price). The cool thing about buying used books is that you sometimes get very interesting clues about where the book spent its life before it landed in your hands:

So, this used to be a book in the Denver, Colorado public library! Which explains why it’s pretty worn (but I don’t mind – it was only $4!!!). In addition to finding out this was once a library book, I also found someone’s airplane boarding pass placed snugly between two pages. Ain’t this a gem of a book already, before I even began reading it?

Also, shoutout to my George and Martha Washington figurines that I’ve owned for years, for finally having the perfect photo op!

Truthfully, I’ve never taken the time to really learn about the American Revolution (aside from the standard things I learned in school, but by now, my knowledge of it is pretty rusty). But I knew I wanted to learn in depth about this time period, and based on reviews, this is apparently the go-to book if you want to learn about the American Revolution – and I can see why! The writing style paints a vivid picture of the American patriots, as well as the British loyalists. It unfolds like a gripping story and is far from the dry history-book style of information that I remember from school.

Honestly, I get lost in this book – it’s that good. And if a book manages to do that, what more could I ask for???

6 thoughts on “Muskets, Knee Breeches and Powdered Wigs: Taking a Stroll Back to 1776

  1. I buy all my books used or get them from MARS online library. That author is fantastic! There are so many interesting the bits about that time. One example: Wasn’t it John Hancock who wanted to abolish slavery in the Declaration of Independence? But the South wouldn’t have it so they struck the language from the document? And the bravery of the average colonists who fought the English. I’ve been to Paul Revere’s grave, and bred in Boston all over the Freedom trail. When you’re done email me your thoughts on the book please.

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    1. Used books for the win!! It’s funny because when I post about what I’m reading, I’m typically never done with the book; as of now I’m nearing the middle of it! So I haven’t gotten to the bits you mentioned – yet! I soooo envy the fact that you live in Massachusetts…you’re literally in the hotspot of where most of this stuff went on! I will definitely email you. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  2. That is such a good book. I read it around the last 4th of July. You’re right too. I also could not put it down. I actually managed to find the hard cover at Goodwill. They always have a great collection of books.

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  3. What a cool find! This book is right up your alley, and I love how it had a boarding pass in it! Also, that it came from the Denver Public Library. It looks so cute staged with your adorable George and Martha figurines! Also, the contrast between such a serious book and your super cute flowers makes a powerful statement. Finally, a history book that reads like a novel as opposed to a textbook sounds gripping. No wonder you get lost in it! Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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