Breaking My Pinky Toe (Cool Skeleton X-Ray Pics Included!)

On Wednesday night, I was about to crawl into bed. Suddenly I remembered: Shoot. I forgot to put a canned iced mocha in the refrigerator (I wanted to have it in the morning when I woke up).

Going down the hallway, I (for whatever ridiculous reason) decided to run merrily the rest of the way and rounded the corner to the kitchen. THWACK!!!!!!! My right foot slammed into the leg of the wooden stool at the dining table, and I felt my pinky toe wedge unnaturally into a painful position as my foot hit it. And I heard a small cracking sound.

Terrible pain (I didn’t shriek or anything, but rather just froze up in shock…after the initial shock of the pain, it continued to hurt but it was tolerable). After putting the can in the refrigerator, I looked to see the damage. I noticed…my pinky toe looked slightly CROOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain calm, I told myself as I wobbled my way to bed. Oh God, it’s broken. My sister is the one who’s broken many bones in her lifetime, so I knew I needed to get her opinion on the matter. But she was asleep, so I had to wait until morning. She’s always said, when you break something, you’ll know. Well, now I finally understand that saying (I’ve never broken a bone in my life!!!)

The next morning on Thursday (after getting pretty much no sleep because my foot hurt and I was thinking of worst-possible-scenarios in my head all night long), I explained to my sister what happened. She agreed that it seemed to be broken, and offered me a Tylenol for pain relief, but I politely declined. I figured I’d just deal with the pain – it could be way worse, after all.

I decided to be brave and go ahead and have my sister take me to urgent care to get a professional opinion, although I was really scared to go. I got dressed for the day and off we went.


My skeleton foot! Doesn’t it look cute?

The doctor confirmed it was a broken pinky toe. I felt relieved when I was told that I just needed to give it time for a few weeks to let it heal naturally. Apparently, “calcium will build up and bridge the gap where it’s broken.” Not nearly as scary as I was bracing myself for!

For the next few weeks, it’ll have to be flip-flops only. No goth platforms for me for awhile! And I learned a valuable lesson. Don’t do silly things like run down the hallway in your house, and protect your toes (they’re fragile). I’m kind of disappointed that I ruined my track record of never having a broken bone, but I also realize it could’ve been way worse, and other people have experienced far worse breaks! I consider myself very lucky!

The bruising has gone down already and the pain also has decreased a lot! 😊

15 thoughts on “Breaking My Pinky Toe (Cool Skeleton X-Ray Pics Included!)

  1. Whacking toes against anything is bad enough, breaking them is awful. We have a rock the we prop the front door open with for the kitties to go out in the Sally port. I whacked my foot on it the other night. It really hurt, and my toes are numb. I can imagine how much breaking your toe hurt. You discovered they do nothing for broken toes other than tell you to take in easy. Many years ago the president of our company dropped a barbell on his foot at the gym and broke all his toes on that foot. He had to fly out to Hawaii the next day for a project we were working on. His broken toes made that trip to Hawaii suck. Your foot bones are adorable. Can you get a pair of Goth flip-flops?


    1. Yep, whacked toes HURT!!! And indeed, apparently there’s nothing to be done about broken toes except healing over time, I learned! Ouch, a barbell on a foot? Yikes!!!! How awful for him. And thanks! Goth flip flops – now that would be cool!

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  2. I did something similar when I was a kid. My brother was chasing me and I slammed my pinky toe so hard in the door way I couldn’t even get up to walk it hurt so bad. My parents never took me to the ER or anything because we were poor. But I have a feeling that it was broken. Everytime I got up, it felt like my toe was stretching away from my foot. Very scary for a kid. Lol. But if course after a few weeks it healed. But to this day I still remember the pain. Hope you’re feeling slightly better and that it heals quickly.

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  3. Oh no! What an ordeal! You’re so brave, making it through the night like that! I’ve never broken any bones either and don’t know what I would’ve done. Yet your sister’s advice, “when you break something, you’ll know” makes so much sense. That said, I like how you injected the horror with some humor: “Going down the hallway, I (for whatever ridiculous reason) decided to run merrily the rest of the way and rounded the corner to the kitchen.” I also like how the pic of your foot with your flower dΓ©cor says, I’ve been through it, but I’ll survive. I’m so glad that you’re doing better. It won’t be long before you’re back in your goth platforms!

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  4. Wow, I don’t read your blog for two weeks and I miss allot. Yes Your bones are cute! And please Samamtha don’t stop merrily bounding along, just do it with a little less unbridled enthusiasm.

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