Black Cat Purse + Outfit

When my sister and I went for our yearly tradition of going to Spirit Halloween on the first Saturday of September, I spotted this gem of a purse and thought, it’s definitely going home with me! I love the vintage look of it, and I think it will compliment many of my outfits!

Afterwards, we got Starbucks and I enjoyed my iced mocha with a delicious croissant. ❤️ Here was my outfit of the day!

Top: SHEIN // Skirt: Amazon
Shoes: Dolls Kill

And I am back to wearing my regular shoes again!!! I am so happy! 🥰

11 thoughts on “Black Cat Purse + Outfit

  1. You look wonderful Samantha! I love the shoes and the whole ensemble! And that purse is very cute and fits the season. I’m so glad the Walker Sisters had a great time! I saw Stace’s pics on Facebook. I wish we had that event here: it looks like fun.

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  2. What a fun tradition! I bet you can find lots of cool year-round accessories at Spirit Halloween. Your new cat bag is purr-fect for you; I can see it going so well with lots of your outfits! Finally, it’s great that you’re back in your beloved Mary Janes. They’re definitely an iconic part of your look! 🎃

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  3. Oh, and by the way, thanks so much for the link to those super cute shoes on Amazon!
    That was really thoughtful. Shopping ban or not, they’re a great incentive for me to finally schedule some routine bloodwork (I hate to go and always reward myself with a small prize). I really like them in the bright blue! 💙

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