A Tale of Two Buns: Cheers to Trying New Things

Admittedly, I’m an extremely predictable person; I don’t budge from my set style, whether it be my clothes or my hair. I’ve always found comfort in routines and repetitiveness. But even so, I reach a point where I just need a tiny change up to feel “renewed”, or like a “fresh new start”, no matter how tiny the change is. And that’s where these two buns come into the story!

I made them myself out of extra hair extensions I had on hand.

Top: SHEIN // Skirt: Secondhand
Brooch: Childhood
Top + Shorts: SHEIN
Brooch: Childhood // Butterflies: SHEIN

I’ve always adored “space buns”, I just didn’t know how to incorporate it into my hairstyle. And, I’ve always loved hair ribbons worn on the back of the head. Again, I wasn’t sure how it’d look. So I finally took the plunge and tried both, and what do ya know!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!

And you bet I ordered a few long bows to wear on the back of my head off of SHEIN, immediately after I realized I much I love this new look. 💗

5 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Buns: Cheers to Trying New Things

  1. As a fellow creature of habit, I can relate to the comfort of sticking to a routine. But I know what you mean about wanting to try something new — however small — once in a while too. Not that there’s anything small about your hair! The space buns look adorable, as does the bow at the back. Also, the smiley face and horse brooches from when you were a kid are super cute! Have fun shopping for more bows on SHEIN! 🎀

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