My Melody Outfit: Literal Hair Bows

I’ve always thought Sanrio’s My Melody is a totally adorable character. So when I spotted these hair clips on Amazon, I knew I definitely wanted to pick up a pair!

And of course, how could I not add my Hello Kitty ring to the outfit (seeing that she’s My Melody’s best friend, after all).

I put a cardigan on because, after we had a blazing heat wave last week (I’m talking like 113 degrees!) the high of 84 degrees today felt chilly! And the best way to top off this outfit? Literal hair bows. As in, bows made out of hair. I used extra hair extensions I had on hand to create these! I looooooooooooove them!!! 💕

Cardigan: Secondhand // Skirt: Amazon // Bow: SHEIN
Top: Forever 21 // Shoes: Dolls Kill

I try to make my life fun and playful. And what better way than to wear fun things on my head????

9 thoughts on “My Melody Outfit: Literal Hair Bows

  1. I love My Melody too! She was always my favorite Sanrio character, along with the Star Twins. Your new barrettes are so cute and look beautiful with your “hair bows!” Making life fun and playful is so important. I always look forward to seeing your posts about just that! 🎀

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  2. Sooooooo cute! The bows and ring match perfectly! The sweater makes a classy outfit. Chilly at 84? You are truly a California Girl Samantha. Autumn has begun here. 52 in the morning , 76 during the day. Stay warm Miss Walker.

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