Pumpkin-y Goodness: Starting Off the Fall Season

For me, the fall season truly comes to life when the café chain Panera launches their pumpkin shortbread sugar cookie!! So how did I celebrate the start of autumn several days ago? By enjoying this cookie and a Frozen Chocolate Cold Brew! (The little crochet coffee sleeve is handmade by my sister). The cookie was delicious and the icing melts in your mouth with an unexpected lemon flavor that is delightful! And the Frozen Chocolate Cold Brew has an espresso kick, but the sweetness compliments it and makes for the perfect taste. Paired with the cookie, it was an amazing combo!

I also brought out some of my favorite Babysitters Little Sister books that are Halloween themed (beginning with Karen’s Little Witch). After this one, I’ll move onto Karen’s Witch, Karen’s Ghost and Karen’s Pumpkin Patch. That should last me through October! 🎃

And of course, I had to wear something fall-like, naturally! All around, I definitely felt like I celebrated the start of autumn quite well. ❤️

Top + Butterflies: SHEIN
Coaster: Dollar Tree
Purse: Spirit Halloween / Skirt: Secondhand

See ya next time!!! 🎃

9 thoughts on “Pumpkin-y Goodness: Starting Off the Fall Season

  1. A great fall vibe you have going. I love the butterflies and rosettes in your hair. And the black cat clutch is so cool. I’ve never heard of the “Babysitters Little Sister” books. I added Pumpkin Spice back into the flavored coffees I make for my wife. A make her a different flavor of coffee every morning.

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  2. Everything about this is so fun! That pumpkin cookie looks delicious; I never would’ve expected it to have hints of lemon, which sounds delightful. I love that you incorporated your sister’s handmade coffee cup cozy into your fall outing — and that you got to bust out your new black cat purse! It looks really striking with your mustard top and pink butterflies, very retro, as you said when you bought it. And finally, it’s cool that you have so many Halloween-themed Baby-Sitters Club Little Sister books! It’s hard to beat nostalgic reads.
    What a festive way to celebrate autumn! 🎃

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  3. I love it, in South Africa fall is not such a big thing because our leaves don’t really change and it does not coincide with Halloween and we don’t eat much pumpkin… I am looking forward to living in the northern hemisphere and enjoying fall, Halloween etc. I feel like I have a lot to learn. I love the crochet cup warmer your sister crocheted. Quite inspiring. I was thinking I could also make crocheted coasters in nice orangey colours. 🍁🍂🦋🍂🍁

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    1. I’m glad the crochet cup warmer inspired you!!! You could definitely crochet coasters in orangey colors – that would be lovely! And I hope you enjoy learning about fall and get inspired by the pretty leaves and Halloween season, being in the northern hemisphere now! 💗


  4. Those colors look lovely on you Samantha and as usual, your review of the beverage brings the drink to life, now I want one. Its windy here like crazy….I love it. Take good care of yourself Miss Walker

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