Halloween is near and my goofy self had fun wearing festive, Halloween-inspired looks this past week!!! 🧡👻🎃🖤 Today I’m wearing the Halloween skirt one, which I will be wearing tonight to an open mic night at my favorite locally owned coffee shop – The Mug. The open mic night is Halloween themed, so my skirt will fit perfectly with the ambiance!

The open mic nights are a new thing they have going on there, which is fantastic for me because I love the idea of going to listen to live music, but the places that typically have live music where I live are bars, which I won’t go near. Live music at a coffee shop?! Dream come true! I’m so glad they’re having these now. I never have anything to do socially that doesn’t involve sitting alone at a coffee shop with my laptop or a book (oddball loner, remember?) so it’s the perfect outing that doesn’t have a huge crowd (it’s a fairly small coffee shop). I can just sit back and enjoy live music, without my laptop or a book in front of me. Plus, I can go alone and feel totally comfortable because I go to the coffee shop regularly anyway!!!!

Time for the outfits! I loved them all; they are each Halloween festive in their own way. And fun! ❤️ What do you think of those ghost hair clips from SHEIN?! Love!

And there you have it, folks!! My week of Halloween-themed outfits and two Goosebumps books to get those Halloween spooky vibes going. 👻 Have a happy Halloween weekend!

9 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. You really have your Halloween bases covered. I love the ghosts. And, of course anything with cats. All three skirts are flattering, and the shoes with the Hello Kitty and striped socks are so cool. Can you read poetry or other writings at Open Mike Night or is it just live music? That’s great you can listen to live music at your fav coffee shop. In our dancing days we had to go to bars for some of the dances. Ugh, I don’t like bars. Dancing with drunk women is awful.

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      1. You should recite a poem. When we were at the PAMLA (Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association) conference in Sand Diego in 2019, we fell in with a group of guerilla poets (professors from ghettos) who do street poetry. After all the sessions and activities were over, we would get together sit and a circle and recite our poetry. It was a really cool experience.

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      2. How do you know your poems are not very good if you don’t share them? I’m guessing they are much better than you think.

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  2. It goes without saying that I think your new SHEIN Halloween ghost barrettes are boo-tiful! And all of your other barrettes too! The elbow patches on your red cardigan are super cute, and I love how your socks — hey, Hello Kitty! — peek out from your Mary Janes. The live music at the coffee shop sounds like lots of fun. I like how it’s your home away from home, a place where you enjoy being out and about but also feel comfortable — all in your amazing outfits! Finally, I had a feeling you’d pull out the Goosebumps this Halloween weekend. Enjoy your literary stroll down memory lane! 🎃🎃🎃

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  3. I love everything about this post! All the outfits are super cute. I especially love the shoes and the Goosebump books! I collect those (and Fear Street) from the 90s :-p Have a wonderful Halloween!

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