Hail Storms & Foliage: Fall is in the Air, Specifically in My Hair

Look at that!!!

Yesterday, there was a major rain/hail storm that swept through the city I live in. That is very rare for central California, because we really don’t ever see rain much, so it was a sight to behold! I was able to comfortably watch it from indoors, while working on my laptop at a coffee shop when the storm happened (incidentally, there were two thunderstorms that rolled through, an hour apart!) Two storm shows in one sitting? Cool!

Above is a photo of my view from inside the coffee shop, right before the thunderstorm rolled in with all the hail.

Barrette & Necklace: The Tote Trove / Heart Clips: SHEIN

Aside from getting work done while the storm did its thing, it also enabled me to blog a bit at the time about this stunning new barrette (and beautiful bonus necklace!) I recently added to my hair accessory collection from none other than The Tote Trove, who makes the most fun and colorful accessories that you just can’t find in a store.

I love accessories that are playful and fun, and her crafty work is the epitome of that! Plus, I love that the barrette is made of felt; felt is a material that nostalgically makes me think of crafting in elementary school, so I think that’s why I’m so drawn to her barrettes! 

I already have my eye on a couple other ones in her shop for the future (especially one featuring an anchor!! You know I love anything with military vibes, but particularly the Navy. So it’s like, kawaii Navy vibes. Yes please, LOL!) But for now, I’m enjoying this fall one for November!

Now, onto the outfits I wore over the course of the two days it was raining this week… 🐼☔️ The first one with the fall foliage barrette was what I was wearing yesterday, the day of the spooky storm!

Turtleneck: Secondhand / Skirt: H&M
Sweater: Forever 21 / Skirt: Secondhand
Hair Bow & Butterfly Clips: SHEIN / My Melody Clips: Amazon

I know I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to pull out this adorable Christmas hair bow! Isn’t it soooo cute?! Don’t worry, I have an outfit in mind for Thanksgiving, so I won’t be ignoring that holiday or anything. Haha!

See ya next time!!

6 thoughts on “Hail Storms & Foliage: Fall is in the Air, Specifically in My Hair

  1. That’s crazy about the hail and thunderstorms — and lucky that you could observe them from the safety of the coffee shop! Thanks so much for featuring my barrette and necklace and for your kind words. I’m so glad that you love them — and that the felt makes you nostalgic for school arts and crafts. Maybe that’s why I like felt too! The leaves look so cute with your black bow, and your new Christmas scarf is adorable. November or not, it’s never too early for fun accessories! 🎄🎀🍂

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  2. I lived in SoCal for a short while, and rain was such a treat! I’m sure the storms were needed and welcome.

    Super cute outfits 💞 Love the shoes and hair accessories! And of course the panda umbrella too hehe 😊

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