Edgy Bear Flair: Hot Cheeto Trees Are the Bee’s Knees

Isn’t this such a beautiful tree?? The colors and texture fondly make me think of a hot cheeto. Here’s a nice group shot of some stunning trees I took the other day, too:

Flamin’ hot cheeto trees. ❤️💛 If that isn’t awesome enough, I decided to make things more awesome by sporting my bear hair clips today, and also decided to bust out my harness choker belt, which I haven’t worn for quite some time! I love the mix of Hello Kitty socks with the bear clips and edgy accessory!

I think it’s really fun to play around with accessories, especially things that seem opposite of each other (for example, the cute bear clips with the goth-like harness choker belt!) I always say, try things out; I don’t mind if something looks kind of awkward on me, as I feel that’s part of my personality so I have nothing to lose! 😃

Sweater: Secondhand / Harness choker belt: ROMWE / Bear clips: Etsy
Ring: RUSS (from childhood)
Shoes: Dolls Kill / Socks: Forever 21

Did I enjoy this outfit? I found it beary good, indeed!!! 🐻

12 thoughts on “Edgy Bear Flair: Hot Cheeto Trees Are the Bee’s Knees

  1. Beary good – and you’re right! The tree looks like a flamin’ hot Cheeto! I’ve never actually had a flamin’ hot Cheeto but see them on the store shelves. The most interesting Cheeto flavor I’ve had was a ketchup, maple-leaf shaped one!

    Btw, I’m jealous of your warm weather. Here all the trees have lost their leaves and the ground is covered in ice and snow.

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  2. This title is gold! That tree does indeed look like a big bunch of flamin’ hot Cheetos — and I love that you used the word “fondly” to describe it. But on to your outfit! I always admire how you mix a bunch of seemingly mismatched accessories to create a look that’s uniquely you. It’s eclectic excellence every time! 🍁🧡🐻

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  3. Flaming Hot Cheeto trees is the cutest thing I’ve heard all week! 😄 Lovely outfit! I especially love your shoes. I’ve been looking for shoes like that for some time.

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  4. Love it!!!! Love the choker and the contrast between the socks and the lovely black skirt and the cut hair clips!!!!!. Happy Thanksgiving Samamtha. I know that you know we have allot to be thankful for.

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