Tofurky Quirky: Thanksgiving Time

Thanksgiving, for me at least, means it’s Tofurky time! I’m a pescatarian, which just means that the only meat I partake in is fish. So for Thanksgiving today, I wanted to make myself a spinach salad with Tofurky, asparagus and lots of Brussels sprouts! And of course, the sides: stuffing, corn, olives – the usual Thanksgiving suspects. 😉

I’m actually a very avid Brussels sprouts eater. I feel like they have a bad reputation amongst other veggies in the vegetable world, as most of the time, I don’t hear people mention Brussels sprouts in a particularly fond manner. But I love them, so bring me all the Brussels sprouts please!!!

I am totally feeling my Thanksgiving outfit today! And feeling very grateful for every little thing. I feel grateful for things every day, but today I’m especially focusing on it. For example, look at this beeeeeeautiful bouquet of plastic, iridescent flowers! I keep them in my room in a vase, and the natural light from my window makes them look all sorts of colors, depending on the light and angle. It’s multi-faceted and magical to look at! 💜 I’m grateful that I still manage to find magic in the world as an adult, the same way I did as a child. 😀

Flowers: Amazon
Top: Amazon
Brooch: Hallmark (childhood) / Ring: Childhood / Hair clip: SHEIN

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!! ❤

7 thoughts on “Tofurky Quirky: Thanksgiving Time

  1. Have you made Brussels sprouts with butternut squash? The are great broiled together. I had a staff member who decided to become a vegetarian. He ate Tofurky for year in the transition. I love your turkey pin. Really cute outfit. You look very Thanksgivingish.

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    1. Never tried it with butternut squash!! I just eat it raw in salads – in fact, mostly everything I eat is raw fruits and veggies. Sounds good though! Tofurky is delicious!! And thanks for the kind comments! ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving!

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      1. Raw butternut squash is not very good in MHO. Brussels sprouts are great raw. They are like mini cabbages. Coleslaw is one of my favorite salads.

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  2. How cute is that little Tofurky guy?! I’m glad that you got to enjoy such a delicious — and nutritious! — salad. And yes, your bouquet of iridescent flowers is indeed “beeeeeeautiful”! Being able to appreciate that, no matter how old you are, is a gift. Finally, I remember those turkey pins from Hallmark! It’s so cool that you still have yours; it’s the crown jewel of your Thanksgiving outfit! Also, your red-trimmed scarf is so fun. 🍁🍂

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