Panda Clips, Bird Skirt and Current Book That I’ve Been Wanting to Read for Ages??!

Colorful hair clips for kids make me happy. What can I say!!!

Also, I went through my closet yesterday and found a skirt I totally forgot I had. I had sewn hearts and bird patches on it!!

Skirt: Forever 21
Butterfly clips: Sally Beauty Supply / Panda clips: Dollar Tree
Hair bow: SHEIN

This book, Crusade by Rick Atkinson (excuse the marking on the cover – it’s used) was actually a birthday gift from my mom – I just held off mentioning it until I’d started reading it! And I’ve been in for a real treat.

Thing is, I’ve wanted to read a book on the Persian Gulf War for a long, long time – it was the first war of my lifetime, after all. Obviously I don’t remember any of it since I would’ve been way too young, but now as an adult, I can try to understand it within the pages of this hefty book.

It’s an excellent read, bursting with detail, and I enjoy diving into it before sleep, or while I’m at a coffee shop! The one thing I do remember vaguely as a kid about the Gulf War was the Kuwaiti oil fires, and of course it’s mentioned in the book, so I’m learning. It’s a huge book that’ll take me well into next year to finish, but that’s perfectly fine with me! I waited a long time to learn about this war and now I’ll be taking my time reading about it. πŸ˜ŽπŸ“š

5 thoughts on “Panda Clips, Bird Skirt and Current Book That I’ve Been Wanting to Read for Ages??!

  1. I pys to go through your closet every now and then. Cute skirt and clips. Since you are close to my daughter’s age, you would have been 3 or 4 years old in 1990. As you will figure out in the book (which I have not read), everything in the Middle East is complex and convoluted. Saddam Husein was the bogyman dictator of the day. We had a corrupt local politician named Manny Aragon, who ran a political mafia in the state and he happened to look a lot like Saddam Husein. There was a local joke at the time about how Saddam Husein had a magic mirror that he would look in the first thing every morning and ask “Who is the baddest, meanest, and most corrupt dictator of all?” The mirror would respond “Why your are!” Saddam would be happy and go out and torture and kill a few people for fun after that. One morning one of Saddam’s aides found him on the end of the bed with his head down, looking dejected. The aide asked him what the problem was. Saddam looked at the aide and asked: “Who the hell is Manny Aragon?”

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      1. Manny and company finally went to far afoul of the law and were convicted of all kinds of crimes. But while he and his mafiosos were in office, it was unbelievable how open their corruption was, and that people kept voting for them.

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  2. So much cuteness! I love your OOAK skirt, kiddie clips, and beautiful yellow SHEIN bow! When it comes to fun, light-hearted flair, there’s nothing like kids’ accessories. And it’s so cool that your mom got you this long-awaited book about the Persian Gulf War for your birthday! I always think that books make the best gifts, and it’s especially wonderful when someone close to you finds the perfect one. Happy reading! πŸ˜€πŸ“˜πŸ’›

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