A Fashion Feast of Blazers, New Cinnamon Roll Buns and Rob Zombie Shirt

First off, I want to give a shoutout to my black tights. They add a good contrast against my outfits (and in this case – my shoes featured in this post!)

The blazers are another item from my closet I haven’t worn in awhile. šŸ˜Š

Another honorable mention goes out to my HAIR BUNS. These are freshly-created ones I made that remind me of the mini cinnamon rolls you can buy in those plastic containers at the grocery store, while the previous ones I wore were more like those fluffy Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. Both are fun, I just happen to really like these at the moment!

Shoes: Dolls Kill / My Melody Clips: Amazon / Bracelets: Childhood

I really liked the blue tones of this outfit. šŸ’™

Next…red!!! ā¤ļø

Shoes: Dolls Kill / Unicorn Hair Clips: Dollar Tree

And now!!! The one! The only! ROB ZOMBIE!!! šŸ’š

Shirt: Amazon / Floral top: SHEIN

In case you’ve never heard of him, here’s a snippet from Wikipedia: he’s an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, filmmaker, and voice actor. His music and lyrics are notable for their horror and sci-fi themes, and his live shows have been praised for their elaborate shock rock theatricality.

They left out one thing that I admire most about Rob Zombie’s music – in some songs, it has a swingin’ sixties vibe, horror edition. It was only a few years ago when the most epic collaboration came true; he and Marilyn Manson joined forces and came out with their own cover of Helter Skelter by The Beatles, which I still thoroughly enjoy listening to!

I first discovered Rob Zombie around 1999/2000 when I was in middle school, and loved his hit songs Living Dead Girl and Dragula. His music style is a bit freak show, a bit creepy, a bit retro – basically, attributes that would describe yours truly – although, I’m also a huge nerd, which doesn’t fit into his style, but still…!

Shoes: Dolls Kill / Clips: SHEIN

See ya next time!!! šŸ’•āœØ BYEEEEEEEEE

9 thoughts on “A Fashion Feast of Blazers, New Cinnamon Roll Buns and Rob Zombie Shirt

  1. Oh my goodness, these are some of your best outfits yet! They’re so eclectic and cool, and I absolutely love all your blazers and candy-colored shoes! The yellow ones are my favorites (shoutout to Dolls Kill), and the Rob Zombie tee is unexpected and fun. What a great way to make an homage to one of your favorite artists! And also, regarding your cinnamon bun hair, to some delicious baked goods! I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas Eve and that you have a very merry Christmas! šŸŽ„šŸ’–šŸŽ

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