Cherubs and Snowmen; How a Goosebumps Book Inspired a New Ring Design

My most awkward pose ever, I am so proud of this

I have a couple new things I’ll feature in this post – one being the beige pleaded skirt I’m wearing in this first outfit!

It’s from SHEIN (as is the cherub top). I just looooove that the skirt incidentally matches my coffee mug I use at home! 😋

Top + Skirt: SHEIN
Shoes: Dolls Kill
Ring: PinkBopp (made by me!)

This past week, I decided I needed a break from my heavy military nonfiction book about the Persian Gulf War, so I grabbed a Goosebumps book from my bookshelf. Can’t go wrong with a Goosebumps book! And, since it is winter after all, I picked out Beware, the Snowman.

Set in a village in the Arctic, snowmen with red scarves and Al Capone-like scars on their cheeks are dotted along people’s front yards. The mystery as to why everyone builds these identical snowmen is slowly revealed in an atmospheric setting that makes the isolated Arctic environment all the more creepy. You can almost feel the cold wind whistling through the pages.

Not only is it a fascinating read, but the cover inspired me…to make a new ring for my Etsy shop! ❤️ I kept looking at the cover, and suddenly it hit me; why don’t I go through my craft drawer and see what I have? Next thing I knew, I’d created this ring, which I think I’ll call Snowman’s Paradise, when I upload it on Etsy this weekend. I haven’t made any new jewelry in a long time, and I consider this my launch into a new year with fresh creations!!!

I tried to capture the same colors in the book cover artwork:

Creativity can come from anywhere – even a book cover. So keep your eyes peeled, and let the creativity flooooooooow!

My snowflake hair clips and *new!* white platforms from Dolls Kill finished off my look for today! 🤍

Overalls: Amazon / Floral Top + Clear Belt: SHEIN
Shoes: Dolls Kill

✨ See ya next time!! ✨

3 thoughts on “Cherubs and Snowmen; How a Goosebumps Book Inspired a New Ring Design

  1. I love that a Goosebumps cover inspired you to make this beautiful ring! It truly is a winter paradise; I love how the rhinestones light up the white. And I completely know what you mean about switching up your reading material so that you get a nice balance of heavy and light. We are what we read, and choosing books that work for us is so important. Finally, your new white platform Mary Janes are so cool! You have the best collection of platforms ever. I also love the clear belt. 🤍🤍🤍⛄

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