Red Sweater Worn Two Ways: Primary Colors and Poppin’ Purple

Sweater: Secondhand

When I feel the winter blues begin to grip at my shoulders (I’m a summer gal, after all), I figure – let’s fight the gloomy grey days with some color! I decided to create two looks with the same red sweater. ❤️

Skirt: H&M
Purse: SHEIN / Brooch: The Tote Trove / Shoes: Dolls Kill
Ring: PinkBopp
Skirt: Amazon
Barrette: The Tote Trove
Ring: PinkBopp
Purse: Spirit Halloween / Shoes: Dolls Kill

THIS RED AND PURPLE LOOK…❤️💜 I literally felt like some kind of swan princess with the barrette and the colors…aaaaggh!!!! In love!

I like to mix my look with edgy accessories (the choker) along with colorful and cute ones. I feel like it’s an unexpected, eclectic mix!

See ya next time! 💖

7 thoughts on “Red Sweater Worn Two Ways: Primary Colors and Poppin’ Purple

  1. Super cute! I love the slight Halloween vibe with the second outfit. Halloween went by too quick, I think! 😭

    Also, I’d like to invite you to follow my blog (again) because I finally figured out what I’m doing. LoL If not that’s totally cool too! I’m just happy to see all your outfits 😊

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  2. Both outfits are amazing! You’re the queen of mixing cute and edgy pieces, creating a look that’s always uniquely you. I still very much heart your yellow shoes, and I’m blown away by the creative way you incorporated your Tote Trove flair! I’m excited to see what you curate next! 😁🎀✨

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