Anchors Aweigh, Adventures Await: Kawaii Navy Vibes & A Hint of Punk Rock

As you all already know, I’ve always been fascinated by all things military – especially, the Navy. Which is funny, because in all actuality, I’m terrified of water (in the sense of, I won’t get into swimming pools, let alone water I can’t see through, like lakes or the ocean!)

But fascination knows no barriers like fear. Which is why I’ll always be enchanted by naval ships and the like – and Navy-inspired things, like this beautiful anchor brooch from The Tote Trove! It was the perfect photo opportunity to take a picture with my music-box-sailor-man, which plays Anchors Aweigh. With his duffle bag packed and slung over his shoulder, he looks ready to set sail on the sparkling sun-kissed sea, adventures awaiting, destination unknown. Hawaii? Okinawa? Who knows!

I love this striped outfit with the floral bow, because I look like I could be a quirky Disney channel character. πŸ’–πŸ’› Yussssssss!

Striped Top: Amazon
Ring: PinkBopp / Brooch: The Tote Trove

The next outfit was really comfortable with an oversized striped shirt over a floral skirt, and to keep warm, opaque skin tone tights. I wore my Kuromi hair clips and floral-print creeper shoes from Dolls Kill! ❀️ Felt very punk rock!!! 🎸

Shoes: Dolls Kill
Clips: Amazon
Skirt and top: Secondhand
Ring set: PinkBopp

I wore this one on my coffee outing, and when I went to order my (free!) drink since I had accumulated enough bonus stars for a reward, I ordered my usual grande iced mocha.

“Are you sure you don’t want to make it a size larger since it’s free?” the barista asked.
“Oooh, actually maybe I will,” I pondered, it being the biggest decision I’ve had to make in a long time. I adjusted my laptop bag on my shoulder. “How many espresso shots are in it? Not sure how many are in my regular grandes…”
“Three shots in a venti,” she replied, perkily. “Is that okay?”
“Yes, I normally don’t order a venti – I’m excited!” I answered back.

What can I say, folks. Ordering a venti iced mocha is a major adventure for me to get excited about, and dang, was it gooooood! I sat in a little window-side corner of the Starbucks, typing away on my laptop and happily sipping my venti drink that felt like it was almost as big as I am. It’s the little things.

See ya next time!!! βš“οΈπŸ’–πŸŽΈβœ¨

9 thoughts on “Anchors Aweigh, Adventures Await: Kawaii Navy Vibes & A Hint of Punk Rock

  1. Anchors away! First. I love the beautiful sunrise photo. Second. You look lovely in stripes. Third. I love how adventurous you were to go for a three shot venti. While I loved swimming when I was young, I’m totally with you on large bodies of water where you can’t see what’s under the water. I never liked swimming in lakes or the ocean. I’m a desert boy, so large amounts of water in any form freak me out. I assume you have not been flooded out by the storms?

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  2. Oh wow, it’s so cool to see your anchor barrette styled with your handsome (and musical!) sailor! And your ring coordinates with the colors beautifully. Your floral creepers are awesome and striking with your striped top, and I’m very impressed that you captured a sunrise (because I’d still be sleeping!). Also, I can’t swim either, so I’m with you on avoiding the water (although I like to look at it!). πŸŒŠπŸŒΈβš“

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