Spanish Rose Inspired Outfit

Not that I’m calling myself a Spanish rose, mind you! Although yes, it’s a nod to part of my ancestry and all, I’d never refer to myself as a rose. That’s considerably waaaay too elegant for me; I feel more like a goofy flower that grows unexpectedly out of a crack in the sidewalk, which may or may not be smashed by someone’s foot.

Alas!!!!!!!!!!! This is still a Spanish rose inspired look, and these stunning little crocheted roses were made just for me by my very own sister! ❤️ She’s quite talented at crocheting, and I’m amazed by it.

Shoes: Dolls Kill / Skirt: SHEIN
Blazer: Secondhand / Red top: SHEIN


7 thoughts on “Spanish Rose Inspired Outfit

  1. Your intro is so cute and funny! And I’m loving your Spanish rose look! Your skull platforms make every outfit killer, and the crocheted rose clips that your sister made are amazing! I’m super impressed by anyone who can crochet, knit, or sew, because when it comes to the fiber arts, I’m all thumbs. Here’s to killing it — kawaii style! 🌹💀🌹💀🌹


  2. Stunning! And your sister is so talented. Those roses look almost real! And your explanation made my laugh out loud. And I’m afraid we don’t agree: you so fit the Spanish Rose image in these pictures Samantha. But I do love your explanation LOL.


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