Sonic Blast from the Past: Nostalgic Clips and Pins for the Win!

I love cute accessories, so when I scrounged through my jewelry box and discovered some old pins from my childhood, I decided they needed to come out for some air!

The childhood pins I mention are the cute ballet girls at the top of the photo! In elementary school, I wore pins on my shirts almost daily. Why not wear them as an adult?! I feel like I’m keeping in touch with my inner child, and that’s a source I always like to draw inspiration from. I don’t know; it always makes me feel happier! πŸ’–

The red strawberry clips are from Etsy and the bunny and strawberry clips were a gift from my sister from Temu (which is apparently a happenin’ website these days, I hear!).

Banana socks: SHEIN / Shoes: Dolls Kill
Cardigan: Secondhand / Dress: Forever 21

Fun fun fun!!! You know what’s also fun? Going to Sonic and getting myself a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast. πŸš€

So, don’t forget to have a blast when the opportunity arises. Whatever that may be: in my case, it’s hanging out in my car and having a blast while eating a Sonic Blast, and donning inner-child-approved accessories!

I’ll cheers to that! πŸ₯€

14 thoughts on “Sonic Blast from the Past: Nostalgic Clips and Pins for the Win!

  1. Really cute accessories. I love those outrageous pink banana socks. I just ordered an outrageous pink dress for my wife. Believe it or not, I have never been to Sonic. I drive by one on my way to and from work everyday. Actually, I’ve never been to most popular food chains like Popeye’s, Chic-fil-A, Hooters, TGI Friday’s, Chipotle, Hard Rock Cafe, etc. I got an Angry Burger from Burger King once because a friend said it was so spicy hot that he couldn’t eat it. OMG, that burger was so lame and awful. Your pink banana socks are hotter and spicier than that burger was. I see you are a Dodge girl. Do you drive a Challenger or Charger?

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      1. You are so cool. I was thinking only a Challenger or Charger for Samantha. Have you seen Bullitt with Steve McQueen? It has that iconic chase scene with Steve driving the Mustang and the bad guys driving the black 1968 Charger.

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      2. Speaking of shakes, we used to have A&W Rootbeer drive-ins that were like Sonic in that you drove up, ordered at a kiosk, and a waitress, often on rollerskates, delivered your order on a tray that she would hang on your rolled-down window. We used to get fabulous rootbeer floats. A&Ws disappeared from our area long before my daughter was born (you two are close to the same age), but they might still have them in Cali. Have you experienced an A&W drive in? Speaking of Drive-ins, Drive-in movie theaters shutdown years and years ago out here, also. When we were in San Diego in 2019 we came across a drive-in movie theater that was still open on our way to the pier.

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      3. We don’t have a drive in A&W here either so I never got to experience it, unfortunately!!! Sounds like fun times. I think that’s why I love Sonic, because it’s reminiscent of β€˜50s drive-ins. They play music outside that you can hear, too! ❀️ I never really thought about it. I feel like I was born old anyway, so that explains some of it!

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  2. I absolutely love your collection of kawaii-tastic clips! Especially the ballerinas — that’s so cool that you’ve had them since elementary school! I know exactly what you mean about the importance of wearing things that make you happy. Like your banana socks — it doesn’t get much happier than that! Speaking of which, I’m so glad that you got to enjoy a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast from Sonic. Last Sunday, the husband and I made our first trip of the season to Rita’s, and it was like, summer’s on its way! πŸ¦πŸŽ€

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