Hoppy Easter to Ya!

What can I say – I ❤️ Easter!!! Chocolates, bunnies, and pastel colors – what’s not to love?

And, adorable accessories, to boot! The bunny couple necklace, bunny ring, and chick ring are vintage kids jewelry from the 1980’s that I bought on Poshmark not too long ago! As a kid, Easter jewelry was always my favorite – and still is, apparently.

Lady bugs are so spring, and carrots are a bunny’s favorite snack. I felt they completed the look!

Necklace/rings: RUSS, Poshmark / Fuzzy pink hair clips: SHEIN / Carrot hair clips: Temu / Lady bug hair clips: Amazon

I hope everyone enjoys this gloriously awesome holiday! 🐣💕

Shoes: Dolls Kill
Bow: SHEIN / Barrette: The Tote Trove
Dress and gloves: Secondhand

Have a rockin’, hoppin’ day filled with lots of chocolate!!! 🐰

16 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter to Ya!

  1. So pretty, as usual 🥰 The entire outfit is wonderful and spring-like 🌼 Oh, I’ve been meaning to ask you ~ do you have a PO Box for fan mail or receiving gifts? I know some YouTubers do that, but not sure if bloggers do. I have some 90’s hairclips that I think you’d love! But if you don’t have a PO Box it’s totally fine ~ it’s not good to share your real address online 😐

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      1. Aww That’s too bad, but that’s okay 😊 I just have a few vintage clips I thought you’d like. I can’t wear a lot of clips because my baby grabs them like they’re toys 😁 He’s at that age where he puts things in his mouth too 😐

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  2. It looks like you had a good Easter! We had no Easter eggs or chocolate this year which was so sad. It didn’t feel like Easter at all. When I get home I plan on buying any chocolate that’s still on sale (If there’s any Easter chocolate left) and maybe dying eggs. I bought a kit because I didn’t anticipate traveling during Easter.

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  3. Your vintage Easter accessories are even more adorable than I’d imagined! And I love those carrot clips from Temu too! They’re so wonderfully weird, which is one of my favorite things in an accessory! Speaking of carrots, I also love your Every Bunny Welcome sign, which seems perfect for your festive yard. Finally, you look so springy and pretty. It was so cool to see the daisy barrette again, and, of course, the clear belt. The gloves are a great touch — as is the Easter basket full of goodies! I hope you’re enjoying your chocolate — I know I am! 🍫💐🍬🐰

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