Purple Power: Happy in Daisy Duck Gear

While I’m normally all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes you don’t always feel like yourself, right? Maybe you feel a bit down, or otherwise not operating at your highest level. BUT!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, it happens very rarely when I feel that way, and I’m quickly back to my regular, chipper self in no time. I have to remind myself sometimes that it’s okay to have an off day, and cut myself some slack. (I think it’s because I’m used to always feeling perky and positive, so if I have an off day, I’m so shocked by it that I don’t know how to handle the foreign feeling and I just feel like crying as a result!).

Anyway, this Daisy Duck accessory theme emphasizes my feel-good attitude and celebrates it! (Because having an off day makes me appreciate feeling perky all the more so.) And, adding a thin braid in my hair made me feel leveled up. 😎

Every accessory shown below is from Temu (the butterfly bracelet is from SHEIN), and incidentally, I had a Daisy Duck necklace from childhood that I still had stashed in a jewelry box. 💜 It completed the look!

Shirt and Skirt: Secondhand / Clear belt: SHEIN
Shoes: BAIT Footwear

Don’t forget to smile easily and be good to yourself!!! 🥰 And the next time you have an off day, remember that tomorrow is an entirely new day!

7 thoughts on “Purple Power: Happy in Daisy Duck Gear

  1. I know what you mean about worrying that feeling less than happy once in a while equals trouble. Thanks for reminding us that it’s okay to not always be okay! Still, I’m glad that you’re feeling like yourself again and celebrated by sharing your darling Daisy Duck accessories! They look especially sweet against the darker colors of your outfit. And as always, I love that you still have your treasured pieces from childhood! Sometimes there’s no better antidote to the blues than candy-colored nostalgia. 💜💜💜

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