Fashionable Bugs: Nothin’ to Swat At

With warmer days on the horizon, bug season approaches. Which is fine, because I love the heat, so I’ll take it! While sure, I’m afraid of some bugs out there, but that’s all the more reason I thought I’d look through this vintage book I own, which is all about BUGS. (And, subsequently, I blew some bubbles from an ice cream shaped container! I enjoy doing this on my front porch on a warm day.)

And while I was at it, I thought I’d incorporate some faux bugs as part of my accessories, because why not make bugs fashionable?

The bee ring is a cupcake topper, and the black paint has been chipped away over time, and now reads “Bre Mine”. But I think it adds a certain charm to it!!!

Shoes: Dolls Kill / Egg socks: H&M
Top and skirt: Secondhand / Hair scarf: SHEIN

Funny enough, I seem to attract bugs. I can sit down somewhere, and lo’ and behold, a baby spider appears out of nowhere, crawling across my hand or across my laptop keyboard at any given coffee shop. I’ll then let it crawl across my hand for a few seconds, observing it carefully before sending it on its way by transferring it onto the table. (All of this, of course, further making me look totally crazy to any onlookers – but I’m just managing expectations and solidifying my ‘crazy-big-haired-woman’ status in this town).

I’ll end this post with two pages from the bug book that I especially liked:

Shoutout to all the flies and mosquitos out there. It has to be hard going through life constantly being swatted at. And for that, I salute you!!!

6 thoughts on “Fashionable Bugs: Nothin’ to Swat At

  1. Your “Bre Mine” bee-cupcake-topper-turned-ring most definitely has its own charm! It and your dragonfly ring are adorable, as is your ice cream-shaped bubble container. I love that you blow bubbles and deal with the bugs while “managing expectations and solidifying my β€˜crazy-big-haired-woman’ status in this town”! Finally, your bug book is so fun. It’s kind the way you salute the bugs, reminding us that they’re “people” too. 🦟🐝

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