Flowers, Fashion and Fun: Samantha’s Art Corner

Doesn’t the title sound like a half-hour TV segment??? πŸ’œπŸ’–

Today I thought I’d share, along with my favorite stripes-and-floral outfits, a nice view of the flowers growing in my front yard, and some spontaneous artwork I did on Sunday afternoon!

Embracing the yellow accessories in these looks:

Hair scarf: SHEIN / Flower hair clips: Temu / Choker: Etsy / Bunny ring: RUSS, Poshmark
Whole outfit: Secondhand
Stuffed animal: Temu (gift from sister)
Hair scarf: SHEIN / Chick ring + Flower hair clip: Temu / Bracelet: SHEIN / Heart choker: Etsy
Whole outfit: Secondhand

YUSSSSSSSS!!! I love these two outfits so much (I love stripes with florals!).

Here are the pretty flowers adorning my front yard; I live in a condo complex, so this is courtesy of the gardeners who planted them, not my own green thumb!!! The other day, I went on a Starbucks run to grab some coffee for myself, mom and sister, when I noticed these same stunning flowers were lining the drive-thru of the Starbucks I went to! They’re breathtaking:

The flowers and my butterfly bracelet, plus the butterfly hair scarf I was wearing inspired some spontaneous artwork. I used markers to obtain bright colors, and while the marker ink did bleed a little bit, I still love the outcome!!!

I’m not used to drawing with markers, so it felt a little amateurish, but then I realized, that’s exactly why I love it!!! It doesn’t have to be perfect. The whole point of it was to draw what inspired me at the moment (the sunshine, the flowers in the yard, my butterfly bracelet and hair scarf) and it encapsulates it perfectly in one happy image. It earned a spot on my refrigerator, so when I see it, I remember that moment of inspiration!

If you’re up for it, I highly recommend trying out this kind of spontaneous artwork of something around you that inspires you, too! It was fun and refreshing! πŸŒΈπŸ¦‹πŸŒΈ

12 thoughts on “Flowers, Fashion and Fun: Samantha’s Art Corner

      1. After commenting on this post, I found some cables I was looking for on sale at a website called Temu (first time I’d come across that site). Is that where the kitty in bunny drag came from?

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      2. You’re too nice. I find it hilaries that here I am being a clueless man, as my wife would say, and then I end up on the website an hour after my clueless comment. A bit cyber twilight zonish you might say.

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  1. Samantha’s Art Corner is definitely a show I’d watch! Everything about this “episode” is delightful: your outfits (the yellow barrettes are my favorite part!), the flowers, and, of course, your spontaneous art. I know what you mean about doubting your own artwork; I do that too, and then I tell myself to knock it off because art’s supposed to be fun. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. Here’s to being spontaneous! 🎨🌹

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