Accessories New and Old: A Collective Nostalgic Soul

Purse: Temu

Yesterday, while lounging around the house in-between my weekly Monday work-team calls, I discovered episodes of Saved By the Bell: The College Years was running as a marathon on the Entertainment channel. It totally made my Monday, because I LOVE the college years spinoff they did (even if it only ran for one season, from 1993 to early 1994).

While watching, I couldn’t get enough of the fashion. I spotted some gals wearing dresses with black work boots, and I thought, hey, I think I have a pair somewhere, buried in my closet. Sure enough, I did! And I love the result: cutesy mixed with some edge. (Can’t get any more cutesy than the sequin bunny purse!!!)

I donned some old-school jewelry I used to wear in the ’90s – a clay ring, a necklace I got for 25 cents from a gumball machine outside K-Mart back in the day, oh – and for show, I included my favorite butterfly eraser!

Overall, I’d say I love how these black work boots add an edgy spin to my outfits now!!! I’m so glad I remembered I had them. So, thanks, Saved By the Bell: The College Years – the grunge look was definitely going on in those episodes!

Heck, if I’m going to go down this nostalgic ’90s road, I might as well have the music for it too:

I purchased this used many years ago for a great price (as you can see!), and it’s one of my favorite ’90s albums!!!

Time to crank up Smashing Young Man in my Challenger and soak in these warm days we’re having! 😎

8 thoughts on “Accessories New and Old: A Collective Nostalgic Soul

  1. I love all things Saved by the Bell, and the college years were underrated! That’s so cool that you stumbled about that marathon — and that you happened to have a pair of black ’90s work boots in your wardrobe! I love how you paired them with the era-appropriate floral skirt and baby barrettes. But it’s that sequin bunny bag that truly has my heart; what a fantastic piece! Finally, I too am a fan of Collective Soul. Enjoying your new “old” tunes in the sun in your Challenger sounds like an excellent plan! 🎵🌈

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  2. Those accessories are so 90’s!! I love ’em!! And my husband and I have a small age difference (of about 2 years) and we always joke about what albums we had. Since he was a bit older, he had that Collective Soul CD in the photo. I had the one after, Dosage (which is also fantastic, have you heard it??) 😁 I could never get into Saved by the Bell, but I now find it delightfully silly and more wholesome than other teen shows at that time.

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