And it was All Yellow

🌟💛 It’s truuuuuue…

Look how they shine for yooooooou… ðŸ’›ðŸŒŸ

I can’t help but immediately get the song “Yellow” by Coldplay stuck in my head anytime I wear the color! I do admit that I took it to the next level with this outfit, because it literally is all yellow.

I’m really happy with the outcome (I pieced together a button up blouse from Amazon with a thrift find dress). It really does look like a whole dress, doesn’t it?!?!!?!?! Success! I feel like this is my most 1960’s-looking outfit.

My expressions make me laugh. KIND OF.
Hello Kitty rings I made to match… 😃 GOAL THIS YEAR: GO TO THE HELLO KITTY CAFÉ IN SAN JOSE (wearing cat ears, naturally).

I really love this shade of yellow. It’s like a sunshine yellow, and I felt like a walking ray of sunshine wearing this outfit. WISDOM GAINED? Be your own sun. 💛

See ya!!