The Return of the Cheetah Jumper


Hi there, friends from near and afar!

This outfit is from Sunday, and I was super happy to be wearing my cheetah-print jumper again!!! I haven’t worn it since summer, but I managed to turn it into a winter ensemble with the right additional pieces.



This gold, shimmery scarf was the perfect addition to the ensemble! I’m thankful I’ve held onto this scarf for so long; I’ve had it since high school, I think.


Momentarily distracted…


Okay, you have my attention again!

I think the black tights really looked nice with the jumper. It’s winter and I’m trying to be creative with accessorizing…


Shortest legs, ever. I know, I know…sandals aren’t exactly right for this time of year…


I’ve learned that I really love hot pink and cheetah-print! It’s super cute and not really a combination I’d think to put together, but I love it. ❤


I just HAD to showcase my beautiful iced mocha I got at Yellow Mug coffee on Sunday!!! Isn’t it just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? ❤ I’m typically a no-whip mocha kinda gal. I was feeling particularly daring on Sunday and ordered whip, and the sweet baristas put this yummy chocolate wafer in the whipped cream. 🙂 It’s the simple pleasures in life!

Exciting jewelry news!


I’m super happy to share that I’ve fulfilled my long-time dream of merging my jewelry with my art!!!

This is my first ring from my upcoming line of rings that will feature my artwork. I’m super excited about it, and you can find it in my Etsy shop here. I really love how it turned out and I can’t wait to create more. I’ve been wearing the ring practically every day, haha!



I received these beautiful lace blouses I ordered a month ago (the seller included the beige one in my order – for FREE!) and I can’t wait to wear them; however, they’re a bit sheer and will be better for spring. Although, knowing me, I’ll probably end up wearing them now anyway! Aren’t they a dream?!

As I’m writing this, there is a homeless man outside the window at Starbucks about a foot away and he is literally blowing kisses at me and dancing.  He knocked on the window first to get my attention and then began performing. Not making this up, folks…

The song It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is playing here in Starbucks in all its Christmas glory and it oddly enough goes with his dance moves… hey, this is actually pretty interesting!

On that note, I’ll end it here. Til next time! ❤


Snow White


Hello hellooooooooo. ❤

It’s been such a nice weekend, and I hope everyone has enjoyed their own! I finished up my Christmas shopping and went to a sugar cookie/gingerbread house decorating party a friend of mine had going on Saturday night. Silly me, I didn’t even stop to think to take pictures of how my sugar cookies came out!! I was too involved in it and having fun with everyone that I didn’t bother with my phone.

Before all of that though, I took some outfit photos. Can I say that I’m in love with this sweater?



The camera doesn’t capture it well, but it’s fuzzy. And the princess shoulders are my favorite thing about this sweater!! I used to have a black shirt with princess shoulders, and I wore it so much that it developed holes in it. I’ve never found one like it until this. 🙂






I’m so glad I made this white flower headband, because I just knew it’d go with so many outfits!! To me, white is totally a winter color! Makes me think of snow.


The tree in my backyard is officially pretty much bare now…so long, leaves!!! I will not miss the sap you produced and got all over my car. Bye Fe-leaf-cia…


Time for some inspiration…

Gosh! It really does feel like Christmas now, after going to that fun sugar cookie/gingerbread house decorating party. I like stuff like that; it gets you in the mood for the season.


Also, the hostess of the party last night was saying how positive and fun it was just to sit around and decorate cookies, and that Christmas time can bring out the fun stuff we did as kids. I started thinking and realized that it’s really important not to let go of your inner child. As adults, problems and such can easily take over our thoughts and our lives. As children, we were more in the moment, and it probably didn’t take much for us to be happy.

That’s something I definitely don’t want to ever lose. ❤ I think it’s good for us as adults to take the time to do things that bring simple joy and cater to our inner child. Going for a walk, admiring nature, drawing, decorating cookies, etc… whatever you think of that brought you joy as a child, I highly recommend doing so!

…And time for some art…


A few weeks ago, I drew this lovely Christmas lady, and I ended up using it as my own Christmas postcard. I drew the holly first, which I originally made for the Christmas luncheon flyer at my work, and ended up using the same holly for my own digital illustration and I love how it turned out!!


This illustration I finished last night, and I’ve been working on it for awhile! As someone who is fascinated by different cultures, I find myself randomly researching traditional dress of faraway lands.

A few years ago, I spent time with a friend of mine who was from Kuwait, and she had some paintings she made of women wearing a gold mask (I didn’t know what they were called at the time). Fast forward to now, and I’ve learned that they’re a style of burqa that originates and is worn by some in the United Arab Emirates. I drew this after doing a lot of research on it and it’s my first try at creating cultural artwork. ❤ Something different!

This is turning into the longest blog post ever, so I’m going to stop here! Haha. I hope you enjoyed reading and have a great start to your week!

See ya! ❤

Blue Jeans


Hello, hello! ❤

Since I’m not typically one to wear denim very often, I wanted to show a few shots of my outfit from Sunday. It was a really nice day and I was able to debut my bright blue flower headband, which I really love. I think it’s the brightest blue I’ve ever seen.



The denim and white skirt kinda has that country look going on. I like it!


had to post this beautiful latte art!! On Saturday night, I went to a cute coffee shop that does the really pretty latte art in their hot drinks. I’m a sucker for art in general, but latte art is just so cute in my opinion. It’s the simple pleasures in life!


I received this customized Evil Eye bracelet from Etsy that I bought, and I love it sooo much! I was able to choose the thread and bead color, and I had to have the size adjusted for me since I have super tiny wrists. It fits perfectly and I can wear it every day with anything since I chose a neutral tone! It looks so elegant and pretty. ❤


On a final note, I’ve been in the Halloween mood and I was inspired to create a new illustration. I came up with a corpse bride; isn’t she beautiful, in her own creepy way? I really got into the shading details of the dress…I think that was one of my favorite parts about drawing it. I love how melancholy and somewhat reluctant she looks.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! It’s supposed to (hopefully?) rain by the end of this week, and I can’t wait to finally bring out my pink umbrella. It’s been months and months since it’s rained here, so I get a bit overjoyed when there’s rain in the forecast, haha.

‘Til next time! 🙂 ❤


Vert Foncé


…or dark green. Just practicing my French! 😉 Hi, world!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week. It seems like it went by very fast…


It’s been a hectic week for me, but it’s ending nicely. 🙂 I captured a nice shot of the early morning sky today…love the contrast against the silhouette of my house.

For today’s outfit, I went darker than usual and paired dark green with black, with some off-white accents. This sweater…gosh, who knows how long I’ve had it. A looooong time! The skirt I bought from…*drum roll*…yep, you guessed it: Amazon.



Black and dark green are pretty neat colors together! The ring used to be a necklace, but I turned it into a big statement ring. The belt, I actually borrowed from another skirt. Just a simple accent to make the outfit more interesting.



Please excuse the gigantic BUG BITES on my legs. I thought bug season was over by now? They’re mosquitoes…guess they haven’t departed for the fall season yet. Or do they ever leave? Not sure…I’m no bug expert. Nice shoes though, no?


In other news, I printed two more greeting cards for my Etsy shop on! I love how these turned out. Both of these feature my own artwork. ❤ I really wanted to start a line of greeting cards, and I finally did…I just need a Christmas one for the upcoming holiday season.

IMG_7769 (1)

Cheesy smile to document the occasion! I’m super happy about it, as you can tell. It’s fun coming up with new stuff and keeps the creative vibes flowing. I generally jot down news ideas for my shop I’d like to see in the future, as stepping stones to ensure I achieve personal short-term goals.

My next blog post will be a nice change of scenery! I’m going to Southern California on Saturday, so I plan on taking lots of photos. I haven’t gone out of town in months…long overdue for some fun! ❤

See you again soon!



Super Exciting News!


So hard to control my excitement right now!!!

Quick recap: My Etsy shop, PinkBopp, is a jewelry-centered shop where I make statement rings and necklaces. However, as of today, I’ve officially expanded my shop to include coffee mugs and – soon – greeting cards featuring my artwork!

I’m ridiculously happy about this because I’m finally getting my artwork out there! I’ve always wanted to showcase my art in a unique way, I just never really sat down to figure out how. I have my BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration, and I feel like I’m finally utilizing it to its true creative potential in my own little way!

IMG_7319 copy

Watermark not included on the actual mug! 😉




I love the fact that it’s two-toned! Pink is definitely the color I use most in my work, so I’m happy it was an option.

I’d like to take a moment to make a shout-out to Zazzle! If you’ve ever wanted to print your own custom mugs, greeting cards, business cards, clothing, accessories, you name it, for a very decent price, then Zazzle is your place to go! It’s seriously my new best friend, haha! It’s a very user-friendly website and makes it simple to get your artwork out there, or to print anything custom. I seriously am so thankful I discovered the website and now have them as a production partner on Etsy!


Can you tell how excited I am? LOL!

Have a Fantastic Thursday! ❤