Tale as Old as Time


Hi there!! 🙂

My outfit today totally makes me think of Beauty and the Beast, in terms of color and the red roses! So I’d consider this a Disney-inspired outfit, if you will. Hope you enjoy!


It doesn’t matter how old I get; there are days when I just want to feel like a Disney princess. Let’s just be real here. I think adulthood’s biggest test on us is to see if we can keep our eyes open, even just a little, to some of the magic we used to see in the world as children. I feel like as adults, it fades and we too easily sink into the ocean of indifference.


So something as little as a Disney-inspired outfit helps to keep the magic alive. ❤


I’ve  always loved Belle…as you can see from the picture below which is of me, at a very young age. 😀


Funny enough, my favorite dress Belle wore was actually the green one, when she was perusing in awe through the Beast’s enormous library. That, and the pink one she wears in the snow. ❤


I guess things haven’t changed much, have they? In terms of loving Disney princesses, that is! Eh, I guess I’m still a kid at heart. I don’t consider that a bad thing, though.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little Disney-inspired post!

See you next time! ❤



*Belle photo courtesy of Pinterest