Back in the USSR

Hi!! 😀

Today’s post is a mashup of an outfit-of-the-day and showcasing a cool antique item I own; I decided, why not give it a photoshoot of its own?!

I have a small collection of antiques, and one that I really love is this tiny porcelain doll. This little gal is a 1980’s, Soviet Union-era toy doll that came to me all the way from Moscow, Russia. ❤️ I’ve had it for a couple of years.

I love her poofy red hair and pink dress. She’s so tiny and cuuuuute! ♥️ I like that she is a bit disheveled but still so dainty; a few dirt smudges and a frayed bow – a little antique from a state that no longer exists. But this fragile doll is like: I’m still here, a little piece of history.

I’m a big history lover; on a particular note, I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned Soviet buildings. I don’t know why. Something about the old concrete structures – scratched, rusted and faded Cyrillic words painted on peeling walls – gives me a mysteriously melancholic feeling.

Do you have any historical things you are drawn to? I have several, but this is just one in particular. I have a few other USSR antiques, but I wanted to showcase my favorite one – the porcelain doll. ♥️

Above is my crazed stalker expression. Isn’t it so seductive and attractive? NOT!!!!!

I added little pink socks to my look and I’m loving my glittery butterfly hairclips (I bought them on Etsy)! 😀 My skirt I bought off Amazon along with the shoes, the socks are from Forever 21, and the sweater is from H&M.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Seeee you next time!

Santa Monica

Happy Sunday!! 💜

Yesterday in Santa Monica was a blast. The drive down was quite an experience for me. I ended up in a gigantic downpour driving through the Grapevine, which are a strand of mountains you go through to get to Southern California. But I did it!!! 😃

It was collectively a beautiful day. 🌸

This cute pigeon walked right up to me and let me take some photos of it… 💜
Espresso Cielo! Very cute café in downtown Santa Monica!

See you next time!!! 💜

The Nerd Next Door

Ahhhh…what a treat it was to wake up early this morning on my day off, fix myself a hot coffee drink, get on YouTube and see that Ghost uploaded a new video.

The Cardinal holding a bouquet of dead flowers. I’m not into romance, but this right here may have made me change my mind. AND we almost wear the same amount of eyeliner, at that! ❤️

I’m really loving my new lace ankle socks!!! I bought them on Amazon. I think they add a nerdy/cute vibe. I’m always down to try some new accessories with my outfits. It can totally change the whole look!

New set of butterfly clips…💙 I don’t know why but I have this obsession with butterflies! Especially in my hair.

Top: formerly a turtleneck from Forever 21 but I modified it…by “modified” I mean I took a pair of scissors to it, snip snip snip // Skirt: Forever 21

Tomorrow is my trip to Santa Monica…fun fun fun. I think a nice trip will provide a fresher outlook. In the meantime, I hope you all have a joyous weekend! 💜

A Happy Start

Hello!!! 💜

Doesn’t 2019 already feel like a great year? Is it just me? I don’t know but, it feels like good vibes so far. 😉

Fashionably, it’s also off to a great start. I only know how to dress “how I feel”. So what I wear daily is essentially my personal canvas…like, here we all are in our vessels (our human body that our soul ended up in), sailing on the endless sea of existence…what shall I wear today?

I typically always feel happy, so I gravitate towards the sweet colors. Especially lately!

Literally looks like I have 1 boob in this photo. It’s a lie anyhow, as I am flatter than a pancake that’s been ran over by a car. Thanks for the illusion though, shirt-wrinkle!
Top: Forever 21 Kids, Skirt: Forever 21

I have been thinking lately about places I’d like to visit that have been rolling around in my head. These places aren’t even far from me so I ask myself, why have I not gone yet?

First! Santa Monica. It’s a done deal and I told my friend, let’s go! I’ll drive. 😀 So next weekend it is! I’ve been many times but, there’s just something about that city. 💜

Second? Yosemite. It’s only maybe an hour away. The world famous National Park is calling to me for some reason, and I’m not even a big fan of the mountains.

See, I enjoy falling in love with places. The vibe a place has, the scents, the overall feeling of energy it gives me. Whether it be a warm coffee house listening to the sound of drinks being made and chatter, the beach, the mountains, or at a concert packed with people and the music pounding in my ears.

Photo courtesy of

On a final note: do you have a food wish list? Foods that you hope to try someday? I do and there are two foods on my radar right now…

1. Barfi (pictured above). This is a sweet treat that is really popular in Pakistan. I’ll have to google where I can find these near me!

Photo courtesy of

2. Vegetarian BorschtPopular in Eastern Europe and Russia. I don’t know why I want to try this so much lately…maybe because it is winter and it’s a hot soup, but I just do. I know exactly where to get this, as a restaurant near me makes it, and they also have TURKISH COFFEE there, which I also want to try!

If you have any, what is on your food wish list? 😀 Have you tried the foods that are on my wish list and if so, what did you think of them? Do tell!

See you next time!

January Friend


Hi!! 💙 I hope you are having a great start to your new year, 2019! ⭐️

Did you all enjoy your New Year’s? I really did; I had a little New Year’s Eve party with my mom and sister at home. We had cheese and crackers with a bottle of root beer, and watched the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve countdown. 🎉 Fun fun fun…

Here are two outfits from last week!








I really love exploring the world of colors, and what pairs with them. I remember how much I enjoyed taking Color Theory in college. I could easily spend an hour browsing color palettes on Pinterest, getting ideas for outfits. 💜


I really don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I have started a tradition where I pick out three books to launch the start of the year! And the above book is my first and current read to start off 2019: The Cistercian World: Monastic Writings of the Twelfth Century.

I didn’t know what to expect with this, but I wanted to immerse myself in something that was, hopefully, profoundly spiritual. And boy is that what I got. It’s actually becoming one of my favorite books.


The book is a collection of writings penned by monks, and it’s actually very easy to understand, which surprised me. It’s mostly their thoughts on spirituality and their personal experiences in a monastery. I feel like this book is a gem, like I found it nine centuries later hidden in a tree or something, and I’m getting to see a glimpse inside their world and their thoughts—like a secret friendship.


I wandered around Barnes & Noble a few nights ago, sipping a hot peppermint mocha from the café and perusing the aisles. You wouldn’t believe my surprise when I came across a book for beginning Norwegian!!!

I was so surprised to have found it that I had to get it; I actually plan to study Norwegian after I finish my Swedish course, so it’ll be of good use. The nice thing is that both  languages have strong similarities, so I already recognized a lot of Norwegian words.

IMG_6069 copy

My newest illustration: Coffee with Friends. This wonderfully weird gal has insects, a rat, and a plant that is apparently alive and drinks coffee too as her friends. Cute, no? 💜

See ya next time!!!


Merry Christmas from the Elf!


 Merry Christmas, world!!!!!! 🎄❤️🌟

As you can see, I’m all elf-ed out today and in the Christmas spirit full blast. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful holiday!







Like my dress?! It was a gift from my mom and sister at the start of December. The faux fur shawl I bought on Amazon! ❤️

How do you like to enjoy Christmas? Do you have any traditions you partake in? Last night on Christmas Eve, my mom, sister and I enjoyed sugar cookies and ate a pizza we ordered (creating a new tradition!). On this Christmas Day, we opened presents.

The great thing about traditions is that they can be enjoyed in any way (with family, friends, a partner, or create your own tradition by yourself)! 🌟


Merry Christmas, from me to you. I wish you all peace and happiness!!! ❤️


Fuzz Life


Happy Almost Christmas, and welcome!!! 💜

The cold weather is a comin’, so I stocked up on some nice winter attire, and today I want to show my fuzzy purple (pink-ish?) jacket. Because it’s all about zee fuzz.


Fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Love that word…






I get ridiculously happy when pieces of an outfit that were bought at different times and places match PERFECTLY. Even my little butterflies matched!

This fuzzy jacket came from H&M. I found it in the girl’s department and knew it was meant to be.  🌸


I also found these super cute satin shoes at H&M for $5…and let me tell you…they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve EVER purchased!!!


I made some new accessories last weekend!!! Aren’t these so happy and cute? YES! The unicorn is a pin and the seashell is a ring. 💜


So the other day, I was talking to someone about cars, and the discussion turned to our first cars. I have a lot of stories about my first car, which inspired me to write all about it:


Sam’s Story Time: The Adventures of my First Car

So this is a new thing I might try doing from time to time, for a laugh!!! I will share a story with you all that will hopefully make you giggle…and I’m sure this one will! 😉

We all remember our first car. Some of us look back on it fondly, while others look back on it with flared nostrils and a bitter taste in our mouth. I would fall into the latter category…

Once upon a time, I bought my first car…I was a young 21 years of age…it was a small and cute car, mmkay? But it didn’t take long for the insanity to begin. As per usual, the little things surface in the beginning, in which you shrug off as no big deal.

Fast forward a few months later, and when the inside door handle decided to come off ever so easily, it was just the beginning of what was to come, little did I know…

The best time was when my power-steering-fluid-holder-thing somehow got punctured. This resulted in the power steering fluid dripping out in large quantities.

I was working at my previous job when the manager strolled up to my desk:

“Ummm…there’s some kind of large pool of liquid forming underneath your car…?”

Yeeeeeah…about that…

I had to drive to Auto Zone, buy two bottles of power steering fluid to keeping refilling it until it was repaired the next day. I knew when it was getting near empty; the car could barely make turns. I had to throw the wheel all the way to the left or right with great strength, like a pirate navigating an ancient ship in a colossal storm.

NOW THAT’S JUST A HIGHLIGHT. It was always in-and-out of the mechanic shop. There were so many continuous issues with the car, that after awhile when I would see my Check Engine Light happily turn on as it frequently did, I’d just put a post-it note over it and pretend all was well.

The final straw was when the car would RANDOMLY SHUT OFF. At stop lights, stop signs…any time the car stopped, basically. The first time it happened, I was going through the Starbucks drive-thru during my lunch, and the car randomly died as I was driving out of the drive-thru. I slowly glided in the car going 1 mph, and steered it into a parking stall that was thankfully nearby.

All of the mechanics who dealt with that car should qualify for sainthood. Now I have my Challenger…which has been heaven sent in comparison because it seldom gives me any problems! And any problem it may have…seems like nothing compared to what I went through with my previous car! LOL! 😋

I hope you enjoyed my funny story! See ya!