A Red Bow and a Smile

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There’s something about a red hair bow that adds a vintage flair to any outfit!

Today I wore one of my favorite casual outfits – a black pinstripe romper I bought at Target. Perfect for a warm spring day. 🙂



I’ve always admired lovely ladies from the 1960’s who effortlessly pulled off the eye-catching, charming red bow look.

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My favorite thing about this romper are the POCKETS. I adore pockets, so I get super excited when a dress/skirt/romper has them, haha.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


Purple Haze


I’m all about flower power, simply because I’d much rather be skipping through a field of daisies and butterflies anyway. So today, I went with a very flower power look and some purple on purple!




Purple and gold are two color combinations I really love, and find myself wearing often. I matched my eyeshadow with my shirt, and the eyeshadow is from NYX. So that’s today’s look! I had to take advantage of the sun being out. 🙂

Happy Sunday!


It Was All Yellow…


I took a string of goofy pics yesterday, all while donning one of my favorite new dresses I got at a thrift store! I have a thing for yellow lately, especially pale yellow. It definitely has a retro vibe, and pastels make me feel super feminine.

Also, I’m wearing a long-sleeve nude shirt underneath. In some of these pics, it looks like my arms are bare, but they aren’t, haha. Too cold for that!




Balancing act? Not sure what I’m doing there…

It’s been gloomy weather so I guess I’m trying to be my own sunshine, haha. I seriously adore pastels and want to try more colors…maybe lavender, or mint green…colors like that.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Like a Princess

Completely opposite from my last outfit post: I’m all dressed in white today. 🙂

I really like white dresses, as they have an appeal I can’t quite describe. There’s a very innocent, charming look about them. I have a bright pink bow belt that I thought added a cute pop of color, and I ended up feeling like a princess, haha.







To finish it off, I added a rhinestone barrette in my hair just to polish it up. I sort of felt like I was going to a ball or something, when really I was just going to Starbucks, lol. I tend to always be the most overdressed person in the room anyway. :p

Happy Friday!


A Beautiful Day


Today while sitting at Starbucks, I was able to witness a long march of people passing by, waving pride flags, American flags, and donning the color pink for the Women’s March that took place in many cities across the U.S. I’m not one to discuss politics, but what I want to share is this: today, I witnessed an overwhelming sense of unity. I will always remember the smiles on these people’s faces, the smile I gave in return as I stood to watch them pass by, and the feeling of everyone being together peacefully. The positive vibes were so strong. It touched my heart.



Another reason why today was awesome was because I received my STRAWBERRY HAIRCLIP and my new phone case in the mail! Also, a new umbrella that I’ll take pictures of later in the daytime. Here you can see the strawberry hair clip I’m wearing; I love wearing cute stuff in my hair because my hair is huge and feels like a canvas to decorate!


Aaaaaand, my new phone case. Creepy, no? It’s Karen Cooper from the 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead. I clearly really enjoy cutesy stuff, but I also have a soft spot for creepy stuff just as well.

Hope everyone is having a rockin’ Saturday! 🙂