Witch Legs

Happy Halloween!!! πŸ’œπŸŽƒ

I didn’t wear a costume; I merely worked with Halloween colors to create a fun and festive look! πŸ˜‰ And I absolutely love the outcome….like, a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTT…

These tights, which I’m obsessed with, are from Spirit Halloween, and I just so happened to have these pointy flats! Together, they create witchy-looking feet and legs, haha.

Ohhhh these little pumpkin clips top the whole thing off, don’t they? πŸŽƒ My plans for Halloween? To go sit with my sister at her vendor booth at a pumpkin patch, sip a hot drink and eat some candy. Sounds like the perfect night to me!

Yesterday afternoon, I was charmed to sit at my favorite table at Dutch Brothers and see this rat perched there on the table. The coffee chain was decked out for Halloween, and naturally I was ecstatic to see this.

I think rats are cute; my thinking this doesn’t just stem from Ghost’s 2018 hit song “Rats” that created a shoutout anthem to all the rodents out there, but also because rats are the underdog. People are afraid of them or find them gross, so I have sympathy for them.

Maybe I’ll be a rat lady in my older age – an alternative to a cat lady?! I hope so, because that would be awesome. ❀️

See ya!! πŸŽƒ

Spider Head


Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your day, no matter what you did! Whether it be a big party or something low key, or even nothing at all, I hope it was good! πŸ˜€

Moi? I really didn’t do anything big…this evening I did hang out with my sister and mom at the pumpkin patch they work at, as I eyed the cool outfits and costumes people had on. Boooooooooooom.

The most exciting thing today was my outfit. I pieced it all together and I was essentially a goth version of myself, laden with spiders.







Pretty much I will find any excuse to wear gloves. AREN’T THEY NICE????

The spider pin is another lovely, unique creation fromΒ The Tote Trove!!! As I’m sure you know by now, I am a big fan of her accessories and this one paired perfectly with my Halloween ensemble. β™₯ Just the right pop of color!

Some snap shots from this week, of NOTE!



A LIGHT BULB. I am still talking about this thing, and still showing this photo to unsuspecting people.

“I drank Vietnamese coffee in a light bulb!” I say, ecstatically.

Okay, it’s not a real light bulb, but a plastic version of one! And the bottle is a good size (not super small like a typical light bulb). The adorable cookie next to it is a macaron. This place I went to – a boba tea shop called Sweet Lyfe – is like a dream come true. You can drink your beverage in a fake light bulb and eat a unicorn (or a narwhal!) macaron.


I went there with some super cool people who are alternative fashion enthusiasts (particularly Japanese fashion), and we all had a great time!!!

And then I stumbled upon this in the parking lot…


THE SCOOBY DOO VAN. That’s right; it was parked at the shopping center, being the absolutely perfect photo opportunity.Β  Whoever owns it did an amaaaaazing job bringing it to life!

Flower power… 🌸

Also, after wearing all black for just one day on Halloween, I’m already experiencing brutal withdrawals from pastels and bright colors!

Let the holiday season begin! See ya next time!