Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone has enjoyed these last few days of 2017. 🙂

It’s been, overall, a year of growth for me! I definitely am most grateful for landing my dream job this year as a graphic designer. I honestly think about it each day and feel much gratitude to have been blessed with such a job, and with great co-workers. ❤

The best thing I did this year was believe in myself. I told myself I deserved a wonderful job where I could utilize my degree and flourish, and I took a chance. Good things take time!

My artistic endeavors have also grown, as I tried my hand this past year at greeting cards, an art mug, and doing abstract paintings, which I plan to carry over into the upcoming year! I explored with my jewelry and have been regularly creating new digital illustrations. I’m thinking of dabbling into international shipping on Etsy (something I’ve been nervous to do, but I hear it’s not that difficult).



I’ve had this fuzzy tinsel sweater for YEARS! I only wear it once a year, and quite fittingly, I wear it on New Years Eve.

What do you think of the star headband? It came out nice, no? I love the glittery stars. Heck, I’m going to wear it again tomorrow for New Year’s Day.


This sweater photographs kind of funny in the sense that in some pictures it looks black, and others it looks navy blue…


I got my nails re-done! I’m so happy to be back to a sheer, neutral shade. I always end up missing natural-looking nails after I try a bolder color.

New Years Eve Night!

berry-smoothie1 copy

To celebrate and ring in the new year, my mom and I made some healthy smoothies; these are berry smoothies that I topped with raspberries and blackberries. SO GOOD.  I totally gave them their own photoshoot, haha!

berry-smoothie2 copy

I hope you all have a Happy New Year and it starts out amazing!!! Smile easily and stay true to yourself…those are my words of inspiration to you all!

See ya next time! ❤


Merry Christmas!


Hello and Merry Christmas!

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas day! It was an enjoyable day for me here at home with my family, eating and opening gifts. [I received a set of new canvas’ and an art kit filled with mixed media to work with, so I’m super excited to start creating new stuff!]

Speaking of art, I hung up three of my abstract paintings last night. I think they look lovely together as a group.


Christmas Morning


Nothing like starting the holiday off right with a berry smoothie (I wish I could say I made this myself, but my mom did). ❤



Some festive Christmas attire…I brought my boots out again! I’m not a big denim person, but I figured I’d try something different.



I’ve been wearing chokers again! It’s been awhile.


A picture of our Christmas tree in the living room; I took this on the night of Christmas Eve. ❤

Wishing everyone happiness and peace. Merry Christmas!

Happy Halloween!


Hello there! I bring to you today, a Halloween post. Take me seriously – I carry a wand today. 🙂

Now, as you can see, I really didn’t wear a costume. This happens every time!!! Each year I think, I will really truly dress up this year! And, it never happens. I never can decide what to be.

Since I love dressing up in general, I don’t have to look far beyond my own closet to find something. 😉


This I did have to buy. Isn’t it pretty? I kept staring at it all night. Someone once told me I have very catlike qualities, and I think this is exactly what the person was talking about. I kept flicking my nail at the dangly bead, totally mesmerized, and also by the glitter.


I know it’s hard to see, but I applied glitter to my brow bones and cheeks, just to look more festive. Fortunately, I had some glitter on hand.




Kind of an autumn fairy look going on? Yeah, let’s go with that. 😉

Pictures from the party!

This party was held at my sister’s friend’s house. She didn’t go, but I did! He really went all out and decorated his entire home with elaborate lights, a DJ, decorations, food, and a bar with bartenders (I don’t drink, but I had a Pepsi or two. Wild, I know! I need to calm down!)



My friend dressed in an awesome Day of the Dead costume!



My friend and host of the party…was not expecting to see the President here. 😛


This came out blurry, but it makes it all the more creepy, no?

It was a really fun night, and it was a smaller-sized party so I enjoyed that. I’m not much of a party person, but for holidays it’s fun to go and celebrate. This really is my favorite time of year because I love anything holiday-themed.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

See you next time! ❤

Finally Christmas!


Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had a joyous day. I had a really great Christmas filled with food, family and fun. Always been my favorite day out of the year. 🙂

I took some outfit photos before anyone showed up…



I’m super short…in some of my pictures I look tall just because of how I set up my phone to take the picture, but I’m really not and this picture shows it, LOL.


Yeah, I kept my socks and slippers on the entire day. Since Christmas was held at my place and I didn’t go anywhere all day, I figured I’d stay comfortable and didn’t need actual shoes. My outfit was complete with fuzzy slippers and gingerbread man “Bite Me” socks. My family is pretty used to my out-there fashion choices so I’m sure it didn’t phase them. 😉


My sweater is actually a very old sweater I’ve had since high school. It’s a gorgeous green and one of my all-time favorites. I paired it with a simple black skirt, and the red belt is a hand-me-down from my mom that she wore in the 80’s.


I wore one of my handmade statement rings, of course. 🙂


Just a few snapshots of some of the gifts I received…Rudolph mints, chocolate, accessories, a Star Wars book and Hello Kitty slippers…doesn’t matter how old I get, I’ll always love Hello Kitty, haha.

I hope everyone had a fantastic day and is ready for the upcoming New Year!

Tights Season


I’ve gotten back into wearing knee-highs (well, these are tights, but give the illusion of being knee-highs!). Tights like these are fun and add some sass to any outfit, and I have two pairs that I really like. One would be the above, which have little black hearts dotted along the top. 🙂


The lighting outside was so bad this morning. :/ Still! I managed to get a somewhat decent picture of my beloved cat tights.  I haven’t worn ’em since last winter, so I was all-too happy to bring them out again.



I made that little Santa ring. It can be found on my Etsy shop. 🙂

It’s cold today, but not as cold as it has been the past few days. Also, I’m going to go see Rogue One today in a few hours and I’m highly looking forward to it! I’m such a Star Wars junkie.

I hope everyone’s enjoying these few days left leading up to Christmas. Time has flown this past year, it feels like!

December Fun


Have I mentioned how much I love pink? 😀 A pink and purple outfit I put together (my favorite color combination).


And pink nails to boot. Not really a festive holiday color for the season, but it’s just so hard to part from pink. For my next nail color, I’ll probably go neutral, like a sparkly beige.


Now for the holiday fun! My Christmas tree is completely decorated, and as you can see, I made sure to include a Star Wars ornament. Queen Amidala will forever be my favorite Star Wars character, mostly because I’m in love with her otherworldy hairstyles and gowns. It gives the tree a quirky touch to boot!


I’ve always admired DIY crafts I see on Pinterest and such, so I finally decided to give it a go. For a long time, I’ve wanted a faux deer head sculpture with roses on the antlers. I managed to find a gold deer sculpture at Michael’s on sale for $20, and bought some roses to glue onto the antlers. Voilà! I absolutely love how it turned out!


While I was at Michael’s, I bought some really pretty floral garland that I ended up draping over my cabinet in my bathroom, and that’s another thing I’ve wanted to try for awhile – interior decorating! It gives my bathroom a fresh, feminine look that I love.


And last but not least, I created a new quirky ring for myself:  a flower-crown-wearing Twiggy ring framed with rhinestones.  I am SO ready for the next Marilyn Manson concert, can’t you tell?  😉

I can now check off a few DIY projects from my list! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and doing fun stuff. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


Today I made sure to think about all that I’m thankful for in my life. I make a point every day to be grateful and appreciative for what I have, even the simple things like enjoying a drink at Starbucks, being thankful for good health, etc. I make sure to be thankful for all things because life can change in a blink of an eye! All we truly have is the present, so cherish the very moment you’re in. 🙂

I started the morning off taking a few photos, like the rose bush in my backyard. So pretty!




Now for today’s outfit! I went with a burgundy sweater dress, a matching belt that belonged to my mom from the 80’s, and a statement necklace with a choker. Plus, a big, sparkly hair-clip.

Hope everyone had a marvelous Thanksgiving!