Hearts and Bows: A Week of Random Creations

Bows: Made by me // Clips: SHEIN

The creative bug bit me hard this past week, and I found myself making the trek to Joann Fabric to pick up this fabulous Wyla brand lace trim to turn into new hair bows. The hot pink, I’ve had for quite a long time and it’s one of my favorites (I wear it frequently), but I really wanted lavender and yellow too, and those are the ones I purchased at Joann Fabric this past week!

I’ve worn them at home to test them out this past week and I loved ’em. When they catch the light, the iridescent really shows. Incidentally, in this outfit I’m about to show that I wore today, I’m not even wearing one of these bows…sheesh!!! Poor planning on my part, but you’ll see them in future outfits. I thought the matte light pink bow from SHEIN went better with the outfit!

Clips: Amazon // Overall dress + Turtleneck + Bow: SHEIN // Choker: Etsy
Shoes: Dolls Kill

Did you notice how I was pointing at the heart on my overall dress???? Well, that was to point out that I sewed that on myself for a whole new look! I found four sequin heart patches just chilling in my craft drawer and thought I’d add them onto three of my overall dresses from SHEIN. They look super cute and totally change the look!!!

My sister gifted me the heart patches a long time ago (I think she got them at Walmart and she figured I’d do something fun with them), and I used to wear them as hair clips. Seeing that I don’t wear them as hair clips as often as I used to, I gave them a new life as patches. 💗 Now I love these dresses even more, as they have a new flair to ’em! (You’ll see the other two overall dresses in future posts).

Do you ever try this? Revamping something with your own personal flair and it totally changes the look?

See ya next time!!!