I Bought the Wrong Lipstick Color and I’m Glad

First off, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I wore it yesterday. I don’t know what it is about it, but something about the muted green, khaki, with the colorful clips and black bow just made me super happy. 💕

Overalls: SHEIN // Shoes: Dolls Kill
Blouse: SHEIN // Clips: Amazon // Bow: SHEIN

So the other day, I stopped by Walgreen’s to purchase my usual lipstick that I had ran out of – my favorite, and the only lipstick I wear because it’s the only lipstick that actually stays on for me personally – Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink! The color I normally wear is called Driver.

But if you notice in the photo above, it says Poet. I accidentally grabbed the wrong one, because they looked similar. Well shoot, I thought. However!!! I tried it on, and while it has more of a pink tint to it, I actually really like it for a change. My normal lipstick color, Driver, is more beige. Poet is more of a dusty pink tone. It adds a touch of color to my face (I’m sporting it in these outfit photos).

Did you swat at your screen for a second? I hope so. Buuuuahahahahaha!!!