Retro Thursday

Well, every day is a retro day for me style-wise, but today I went super extra retro with a very nostalgic look that clearly nods to a bygone era – the sixties.


Photos courtesy of Pinterest



There’s just something about black-and-white stripes and blue eyeshadow that go together in such an effortlessly retro look. Often I peruse Pinterest in hopes of finding fashion inspiration, or makeup inspiration, and I definitely found it this past week!


I love colorful little bobby pins to put on the side of my hair. To me, it adds an instant 60’s/70’s look that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve always been drawn to the heavy eye makeup and nude lipstick look, and big, voluptuous hairstyles. I think it all began when my mom first let me watch the Beach Party films with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello as a child. There was something about the smiling, beach-clad girls with their thick black eyeliner and big hair that forever inspired me to model my everyday look after them.



So that’s today’s look! I paired the shirt with a bright red skirt to add a bold splash of color, and for some reason I forgot to take a picture of the full ensemble. Oops! Oh well, you get the idea.

Have a lovely Thursday!

NYX Haul!

This is my first makeup post, and since I love NYX so much and yesterday I went to ULTA and bought nothing but NYX stuff, I thought it’d be a good time to do a makeup post just for fun. 🙂


So these are my favorite things to use from NYX (my foundation and blush are from other brands). Once I started using NYX, I got hooked instantly.


Lip liner pencil crayon. I really love the color and it goes on very smoothly, and pairs well with the lip color I’ll show next. This has a very creamy feel to it and not at all drying!


NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Baby Doll. The color is perfect for my skin tone and pairs well with the brown lip liner. It’s matte but not drying (for me anyway).


NYX eyeshadow in Betrayal and Dance the TidesI looooove the eyeshadows because they’re matte and stay on really well. I use the lighter one for my whole eyelid and the darker one for the crease.


Cheek Contour Duo Palette. This is the best contour kit I’ve tried, and I really love it. I use the cheek/nose contour very lightly and I use the highlighter powder the most on my nose, upper cheekbones and on my chin.


Et voilà! I wear my makeup really bold (day or night), so this is my everyday look. I love the brown/bronzy look personally, so I feel comfortable with this as my go-to look that I feel compliments me.

Hope you enjoyed and are having a lovely day!


Just Be You


I was feeling adventurous yesterday and did a movie-inspired makeup look. I channeled my inner Christina Ricci as Layla from Buffalo ’66, and I must say, I really liked how it turned out!

That leads me into this topic: being ourselves! Being confident through self-expression and not being afraid to take risks (whether it be trying a bright eyeshadow or taking on a new job). Confidence is not something we can just tell ourselves we will have, and wake up the next day with it. It’s a loooong process and a journey…not exactly a destination, because we don’t just get there and stay there. There are peaks and valleys, as I like to call them. Things happen that can tear down our confidence, but your own strength is revealed when you can rise from it and regain the confidence built.


This canvas hangs on my wall as an everyday reminder. Sometimes, we can be perfectly happy with ourselves, but someone else can kick a dent in our self-confidence. I used to be really bad at that – allowing the negative opinions of others to affect how I viewed myself. I learned though, that we have control over whether people have that kind of power over our confidence. It’s way easier said than done, yes, and it takes tons of practice, but it gets easier over time to control external influences from dampening our self-confidence. 🙂

Once you build your own solid foundation of confidence, life feels so much better. I know I still have much to learn along the way, but I’m happy with how far I’ve come just within the past year. There will always be tests, but it can make you stronger.


Outfit post time! There’s a huge rain storm that has moved in, so I took advantage of it with a few outfit shots underneath an umbrella, haha. The bright pink created a really neat pink hue that I’m totally digging…


So this is how my hair would look if I had a pink/brown ombre thing going on?!? 😀

Anyway, hopefully this post helps anyone out there who may struggle with self-confidence. Just know that you can rise above, and confidence is a journey. No one is perfect, but our perceived flaws and whatever shortcomings we may think we have are things that we can learn to appreciate because it makes us who we are, and we’re all beautiful. 🙂

Have an awesome day!