Random, Fun Outings

These past few days have been a ton of fun – one of them being going up to the mountains, and the other was a trip to the zoo! I managed to snap some photos of both events, so I’ll start with the mountain trip.


My friend Shawn and I were headed up to Shaver Lake, CA and stopped on the side of the road at this vista point, giving a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains.


Silly me, posing…



Shaver Lake itself was soooooo beautiful, quiet, smelt like it had rained earlier, and nobody was even around since it was late Monday afternoon. It was pretty cold, but I didn’t mind too much. Being out in nature made it all worth it.



It was fun messing around with my camera and taking photos. Awesome day!

Now, Thursday (yesterday) I went to the zoo with my friend Jay…I rarely ever go to the zoo, so it was pretty fascinating to me. The #1 reason I was excited to go there was to see the Red Wolf. Well, there was actually a pack of them, but I managed to get a good photoshoot with one in particular…




Cute little guy…


I managed to squeeze in my outfit of the day…I was clearly in a pink mood! 😉