“Mysterious Woman in Pink”


Recently I was invited to be on a podcast over at That Saige Advice, and it was a brand new experience for me!

I met the very sweet and hilarious Saige at my last art show, and she was in search of local female artists to be on her upcoming episodes. I was honored that she asked me to be a guest!

She asks her guests to create a drawing for her podcast, so I made an illustration of her:

I was given the episode title of “Mysterious woman in pink”, and I love it. If you’re interested in hearing my mouse voice that sounds like I could’ve been one of the mice in Cinderella, then there you go!

I was actually really nervous about the podcast. Honestly, I’m not used to talking for long periods of time, so I was pretty amazed that I managed to. I have no problem being around people or anything; in fact, I love to observe and people watch! However, keeping conversations going is a struggle for me.

I’m usually the listener in a conversation. I grew up in a house full of women, so it was always talk-talk-talk (no offense, mom and sis) and I gradually became the listener of the group.

It’s funny because I can write a lot. But actual talking, I’m not so good at and in real life I’m pretty quiet. Now let’s talk about this outfit…

Two thumbs up for my creepy gaze!

This is one of those outfits that I kind of threw together and was like hey, this works!

Do you ever just not know what to wear, so you put random things together to create something entirely new? That’s what this fashion experiment was. 😀

On a last note, here in central California, spring is definitely showing us its pretty face! Daylight Saving Time started last Sunday, and I’m blissful. That extra sun in the evening is the most delightful treat after a day at work. 💜

‘Til next time!!