Orange & Blue?

Hey hey!! 💙

Orange and blue – who knew? These are two colors I wouldn’t think about pairing together. Yet, on an adventurous whim, I grabbed the blouse and skirt from my closet and WHAM!! Add neon butterfly hair clips and you’ve got yourself a fun outfit!


See ya next time!!

What Do Quirky Outfits and War Films Have in Common?

Answer: They have nothing in common, that I can think of. 💕 But I needed something to title this blog post!!!

It’s gotten chillier this past week, and now I basically don’t know what to wear anymore to attempt to keep myself warm. So I just grab random tights, socks and gloves and you get this as a result!

For good measure, I threw in my cat hair clips, along with a necklace I made. I’m like a Christmas tree that I decorate with weird ornaments!

Fun fact: I’m pigeon-toed

It was a long and super busy week for me, and what a way to end it by treating myself to see this film I have been looking forward to seeing for so long!!!

You know me – I love anything military. And this is set in World War I, at that!! So when I saw the trailer for this awhile back, I knew I’d be seeing it.

And off I went this morning with my little bag of M&M’s, taking myself on a movie date to see this film I’ve been much anticipating. And it did NOT disappoint. I was stunned by the realistic perspective of the film, as it appeared like it was shot in one continuous take. It kept me on the edge of my seat, jumping at parts, holding my breath at times, wanting to cry at certain moments, totally engrossed in it. ABSOLUTELY EPIC.

What a way to end the week!!! I hope y’all have a good weekend. 😉 See ya!

I Put the "No" in "Snow"

Ahoy!! ❄️

So!! I’ve made it a point to try to embrace winter in every way possible – that includes snow. I agreed to go up to the mountains yesterday with my friend to get a taste of snow life, because lately I’ve been trying to embrace the uncomfortable (i.e., winter temps).

I TRIED. I REALLY DID! I mean, snow is beautiful; there is no denying that. That’s why I specifically took photos of the snow itself, in admiration of its beauty. Because I knew my time with it would be SHORT…

That’s me, trying to convince myself that I enjoy snow…smiling through clenched teeth. The truth is, it turns out * drumroll * that I truly am a valley girl at heart. Heck, our winters in the valley aren’t that cold! But snow?!?! I just can’t, and I salute all of you readers who live in climates where snow is simply part of your everyday winter experience. I lasted about an hour before I was like, “well, it’s been fun…I’ll see myself out now.”

Part of it was that I nearly slipped like TWENTY TIMES. I resorted to nature itself to support me – that is, this massive stick I found that I used to keep myself upright. It helped! Plus, it made me look cool…well, in my opinion anyway.

This blog post seems a bit chilly with all the snow up in here, so let’s warm it up with some colorful necklaces I recently finished, shall we??

Behold! I started early: two variations of Easter necklaces, and a fun Valentine’s Day necklace in which you have not one, but two frogs hoping you’ll be their Valentine and give ’em a smooch. 💋💋

See ya next time!!


Happy New Year!!! 🌟

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and your year is ending/beginning on a good note. ✨💜 A new decade awaits! I really enjoyed 2019. 😄

Here is my New Year’s Eve outfit of the day! I wasn’t sure what to wear, so I simply wore a star headband, which adds an instant New Year’s Eve flair. Plus, a good ol’ pattern mix of the dress and the scarf.

Gazing into the unknown…I see Starbucks in my future…

Oh Starbucks, how I love thee. ❤️

I’m happy to begin the year with some epic books. I’ve been wanting to read these FOR SO LONG. They’re a spinoff of the Dear America series, only these are based on royalty throughout history:

I picked the Anastasia book to start off with, since I’m forever drawn to the Romanov story ❤️ (even though it’s terribly sad).

Lastly, I went on a crafting spree the final weekend of 2019 and made new jewelry: brooches, a ring, and necklaces!!! 💜💙💚 I’ve been wearing the necklaces frequently and I just love them!

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve!! I’m excited to watch Rockin’ New Year’s Eve at Times Square til’ midnight! 🎉

Feeling that Christmas Glee

Hellooooooo! 🎄

This gorgeous tree belongs to my local Dutch Brothers Coffee, which I had the pleasure to sit by the other day while I worked! 💙 I had to snap a photo of it. Isn’t it stunning?

As it gets closer to Christmas, I find myself feeling extra joyful. I just love all the decorations and lights…that by itself makes the holiday for me! It doesn’t take much to fascinate me. I’m literally like a kid.

I put together a last, fun Christmas outfit, as I don’t have anything spectacular I’m going to wear for Christmas Day itself. But I like what I came up with here. You’ve got green, red, some random birds on my shirt, and baby pink gloves.

I only took two photos because the lighting outside was WEIRD…

My friend and I went for an early evening walk this past week, and the weather was sooo beautiful!! Just look at the sunset with the light hitting the tree tops.

I’m definitely a spring and summer person, and I overlook the beauty of winter sometimes. Not this year! I definitely am taking the time to appreciate it. The grey bleakness, chilled breeze, and foggy nights are definitely a beauty to behold in itself.

The great thing about nature is that it’s always there. You are literally never alone! 💜 I’ve always felt this way; even as a kid, I felt the company of nature and the weather anywhere I went. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how truly beautiful of a feeling it is.

Christmas in Berlin, illustrated by me! That’s the Brandenburg Gate in the background. Creating this, I wanted it to convey hope, reunification, and Christmas magic universally felt by all, no matter where you are in the world.

See you next time! Have a Merry Christmas!! 🎄

Red Bows and a Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Hellooo!! ❤️

Happy beginning of September, folks! I hope the year has treated you well and continues to do so. Here’s to a new month with new opportunities and perspectives. 😊

This cheetah print outfit I wore was my favorite ensemble from last week! The patterns were different – cheetah print with a subtle floral print skirt – but since the colors of each were similar, I felt it worked in harmony.

Add red bows, and there’s your unexpected pop of color. BOOM!

Definitely a favorite outfit I came up with. I love pops of red on an otherwise neutral colored outfit. Just really adds some pizzazz!

Saturday night, I did something totally different for me, and that was, meeting up with a few gals to go dancing at an 80’s Goth Night!

My favorite thing was observing the cool, 80’s-esque ensembles people had on. And wow, did everyone have some cool dance moves. Did I dance???? Surprisingly, yes, in the circle of gals I was with.

Can I dance? …No. And it shows. I’m naturally a very rigid person in posture, so much that I sometimes wonder if my soul is some old Victorian woman, so fluid dance moves just aren’t something I can offer. But cheers to trying something outside of my comfort zone!

In other news, here’s me entertaining myself by taking photos of my hand and eyeball in a rainbow glow produced by the sunlight coming in through the peep hole of my front door: 

Creepy eye, no? Probably the last thing you’d want to see in the dark. Me.

On a concluding note, here’s my new purse that also falls into the creepy category! If you’ve seen the film Beetlejuice, you’ll recognize it, but if not, let me explain! In the movie, Lydia Deetz comes upon a book that gives her a glimpse into the spirit world…

And behold!!! My new handbag, which looks like the book from the film. I love it so much! 💙 A nice reminder for me that acknowledging death and all souls who have departed…makes me appreciate life even more so.

See you next time!!

Keep it Copacetic

Heeeeeey! 😀

How’ve you all been? I’ve been soaking up these last remaining days of summer, enjoying the heat while it’s still here, and otherwise just taking it easy like usual when I’m not doing my freelance work (which is going GREAT!).

I just finished a new line of Halloween jewelry for my Etsy shop! Aren’t they cuuuuute?????

It’s definitely my favorite necklace I’ve ever made, that’s for sure! I still have two new rings to make soon that have a pumpkin theme. 🎃

Outfit: the skirt is a vintage item given to me by my mom! ❤️ Coral top is from Forever 21.

So the other night, I felt like watching some music videos on YouTube from the 90’s, to get that warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. Collective Soul? Third Eye Blind?? Gin Blossoms??? Twenty music videos later, I had taken quite the journey back to my childhood! And it led me to this 1996 gem by Local H, “Bound for the Floor”, which I’d totally forgotten about!

🎶 And you just don’t get it,
Keep it copacetic,
And you learn to accept it…

Mostly referred to as “the copacetic song” back in the day, I remember hearing this song all the time on the radio as a kid. The cover of the album always creeped me out, though!! I remember when my sister and I would go to the WHEREHOUSE (oh my gosh, how I wish that was still around!) and the album cover always stood out to me.

I’m glad I re-discovered that song; it was like reuniting with an old friend. I think it’s because it has that post-grunge, mid-90’s sound that sweeps me away to my childhood days…a comfort food, like a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in ketchup! ❤️

Don’t you sometimes like to go for a swim in the nostalgia sea? I certainly do! Funny how an album cover and a tune can easily sweep us away. 😄

Well, let’s return to 2019 as I end this post, shall we? The pumpkin spice items debuted today at Starbucks, and you darn well KNOW I had some. Behold!!!! The pumpkin spice frappuccino and scone!