Felt like Being a Cat



The title says it all.

Felt like being a cat today, and so a cat I was.







IMG_5418 (1)

I love this outfit because it looks somewhat professional, but the final touch is like, JUST KIDDING, CHECK OUT MY CAT EARS.

Sometimes I wonder how eccentric I will be if I live to be an old lady? Probably very eccentric, to make an honest guess. I aspire to be that little old quirky lady who lives by herself in her cute little house with…no pets, honestly. A nice garden will do!

I hope you all have copious amounts of Thanksgiving food and enjoy your holiday! 😀 Share and spread that attitude of gratitude! ❤️


All About That Balance



I bring to you, some truly interesting outfits I wore this week. Wearing hair clips from Sally Beauty Supply that the box states is for children, and risk-taking pattern mixing?



Aight, so the heart hair clips are from Sally Beauty Supply as I mentioned, and the choker I paired with it collectively just screams: Oh 90’s, Where Art Thou?




The choker necklace, I have no idea where it is from. My sister gave me it because she said she didn’t like how it looked on her. Score for me – I love it! It’s such an unusual choker…I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like it.


It’s a Friday so I thought why not; let’s pair a bird-printed top with a floral skirt. Because I have only one life to live and I’m going to live it well. At first hesitant, I then decided to give it a go.





With the dark blues and light blues, it comes together gloriously in an explosion of irony. Birds and flowers, unite. Mixed prints, unite. I wore my black T-strap flats with the outfit, which tied it all together.

A lady this morning at the café I go to said I looked “fun” today.


Fun is what I aim for. I like my outfits to be fun and playful, so it was a success.

In other news, it was a good week and seemed to go by really fast. I blinked and it was suddenly Friday. Outside of work, I’ve been drawing and reading, even more so…


I made a pretty new drawing, and I’m going to get it framed and take it with me to my next art showcase, which will be September 1st! I love the colors I went with…I wasn’t sure what kind of colors I wanted initially, but I just thought, the brighter the better. Very pleased with the outcome. ♥

As for reading, I’m only a chapter away from finishing No Easy Day, an autobiography of a Navy SEAL. This is my third SEAL book and I love it just as much as the others I’ve read.

It’s the dichotomy. I love extremely girly things, but I need a balance, and that’s where the testosterone-fueled, jumping-out-of-helicopters, action-packed genre of books I enjoy comes in.

It’s like the yin and yang. Or YANG AND YIN?

This leads me to an observation. My fascination with things totally opposite of me isn’t just with books. Come to think of it, if I reflect on my very short list of guys I have gone out with in the past: one was super logical/technical-minded, and another was in law enforcement and really loved guns, and very much was a logical thinker.

In other words, polar opposite from me.


If I (ever?) at some point feel like dating again in the years ahead, perhaps I should lean towards dating a fellow artist, or something along those lines? The thing is, I enjoy learning about someone who is totally different than me. I still am not sure if the whole opposites attract is good or bad when it comes to the romantic spectrum. What do you all think? Enlighten me.

I tend to gravitate towards the more left-brained I suppose, to offset my blissfully creative albeit scattered right-brain. You know I’m all about the artsy life…


Or more accurately for me, a Dodge.

See ya!!! ♥

For the Love of Pins


Hello and welcome!!!

Today’s post will be a mashup of two different outfits from this weekend that included lovely new pins I bought from The Tote Trove on Etsy! I’ve bought from her before and as always, her accessories never disappoint. ❤

I went for very quirky looks this weekend and I’m pretty confident I succeeded in that endeavor… 😉

Also, notice the headbands. Both are new, and ones I made Friday night!



I’d like to point out that I used some old earrings I no longer wear to serve as CUFF LINKS! I bought this beautiful top not too long ago, and I quickly realized that bell-shaped sleeves are not flattering on me. Not to fret – with some quick creative thinking, I found a stylish solution!


Meet my new pet parrot! Isn’t he cuuuuuuute? 😉

I love how bright and eye-catching it is. It adds an unexpected, quirky touch to the outfit. It’s like: ahhh, my outfit is pink and red, it’s romantic and almost Valentines Day-esque…also, PARROT. 


I had my daily Starbucks hot mocha delicious-ness yesterday afternoon…


But seriously, people…let’s get back to parrot boy. It’s made out of felt and the rhinestones add the right amount of sparkle!


I think the pink headband is my favorite. I wonder why? Because it’s pink, folks…and hey, I am really loving this pink turtleneck! Turtlenecks are totally underrated.


The second pin is a stylish older lady who is unashamedly loud and quirky in her fashion sense! If she were real, we’d probably be friends. I can only hope that when I’m in my older years someday, I’ll still be young at heart and fashionably fierce.

Staying young at heart I think is the key to being happy; staying true to yourself is another big one. ❤


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! See you next time! ❤




Howdy doo! I’m back!

I’m excited to share my first purchase from Valfré! If you haven’t heard of her, she’s a very talented illustrator who also has her own fashion and accessory line!

During the Black Friday sale, I purchased one of her tops. It’s a funny, light-hearted tee that’s super soft and will be great in the summer (it’s short sleeved).


Packaging! I adore it to the max – it’s pink, so it’s already a winner in my eyes. 🙂


A print of one of Valfré’s illustrations. ❤





So as you can see, without setting aside my hair, you can’t read what it says but that doesn’t bother me! It’s a variation of nco, ncoo, or uncoo. Yeah!

Or, if you add a little breeze, the hair curtains will reveal ‘uncool’ in a quick flash.

“Cool” is a very subjective definition, no? It takes me back to when I was in middle school and was voted “Most Likely to Become a Nun” and one of my crushes told me in high school, “You’re like, the kind of girl who sits in the back of the classroom who wears ugly 70’s sweaters and always has the sniffles.”

Whatever!!! Cool is so overrated, anyway!

Until next time! Have a lovely day! ❤



Bows, Boots, & Décor


What do you think of my new cup? Isn’t it adorable?

Hello, hello! I hope the weekend finds you all doing well. I have a mix of a blog post for today, so it’ll keep it interesting!

I thought it would be fun to do something different for starters, by doing a little walkthrough of how my house is decorated. I have a lot of cute details in my place, so I thought it’d be fun to show a bit of that. Here we go!


My favorite thing about the bathroom layout is the floral touch I made to my cabinet. I bought the faux-plant vine thing at Michael’s a year or so ago, and it made such a drastic difference to the overall look. The little canvas on the wall is one of my favorite quotes, so it’s a nice reminder to see when I’m getting ready for the day.



Remember I Dream of Jeannie? When I watched the show, I totally loved the little bottle she lived in…


Color theme-wise, that’s what I was going for, and I think I’ve done really well getting the right pillows and such for my bed. ❤


Sometimes, all it takes is an interesting arrangement to give the room some color! I made this little floral-looking centerpiece – I bought the items at Joann’s and put them in a vase. They have such a variety of imitation plants that the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoyed my little mini-tour. 🙂


Moving on to the outfit post: I decided to bring out some bow headbands, taking a little break from my usual flower ones. Aren’t these little rings super cute?


Doesn’t matter how old I get; I’ll always be all about pink stuff and bows. I think it’s embedded in my DNA or something, so why fight it?


This blouse from H&M I bought a week or two ago is one of my favorite tops now. It screams, I can be fun AND professional! Win-win!


But then everything flies off the rails when you bring in the brown tights and the boots with the bow. It’s like a professional kawaii cowgirl…? Who knows. I don’t take myself too seriously when it comes to fashion; I aim to be fun, and pretty much a woman who never stopped playing dress up, essentially.



And there you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this whimsical post. Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy yourselves!

See you next time!




Be Sure to Wear Some Leaves in Your Hair


Happy weekend, everyone!

Today, I’m very very happy to show you my new autumn leaf headband. All it took was a blank headband, a package of leaves from Joann fabric, and glue! I also used some orange and yellow flower cabochons I had left over from making some rings.

All I had to do was lay down the headband and apply glue to the back of the leaves, and press them onto the headband fabric. Very simple to do, and I used gorilla super glue (hey, that rhymed).

I’m always wearing flower headbands, but since it’s fall and all, I really wanted an autumn-themed statement piece. Just wait until Christmas – I now know I’ll be making a holly-themed headband to keep up with the holiday flow. 😉





A simple red dress kept the rest of the outfit minimal. I wanted the focus to be on the headband, of course! We’re having some lingering warm days – a pleasant upper 80’s today – so short sleeves work just fine.

This statement headband has gotten a lot of compliments, a few confused stares here and there, and overall, I just love it and it’s become my favorite one I’ve made – plus it was totally inexpensive to make!!! I feel like a little autumn fairy out and about. 🙂

I had an unexpected surprise to find out that the place I work observes Columbus Day, so I have a 3 day weekend! An extra day to relax and enjoy some free time…yaaay!

See you all next time! 🙂

Pumpkin Time


Greetings, friends from near and afar! ❤

It’s been a really nice weekend, and I wanted to get a good outfit post in. Going for that fall look! The weather is all-too fitting not to have a fall-inspired look.

Dark green, and brown hues…yes!!! And why not a splash of yellow?




The shoes add a quirky touch to the outfit, in my opinion. Sort of that artsy-chic look that I love dearly.


At the Pumpkin Patch!


Every October, I go to this pumpkin patch where my sister sells her jewelry. Today was the first day, so I had to take lots of pics to celebrate the occasion and start the month off right. 🙂


I sat at my sister’s booth and decorated a pumpkin I bought…although, a different take! No carving involved – I used old nylons I don’t wear and topped it off with a bow!


Photos from my evening walk Saturday night!

orange leaf


As I walked, surrounded by this beautiful scenery, I had Clair de lune by Debussy playing on my iPod. It took it to a whole other level! ❤ Absolutely peaceful.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!

Until next time!