Bow Tie


This is another lovely purchase I made from Tracy at The Tote Trove! I’m donning lots of red today, so I thought this outfit would work perfectly with this adorable, felt collar necklace with a sequin bow in the middle. You can find other lovely necklaces in her Etsy shop!

I feel like this necklace makes my entire outfit. I’m just wearing a plain cotton T-shirt dress, and it totally jazzes it up and gives it such a quirky vibe!





I paired it with this cameo ring I made, but I can only take credit for gluing a ring-back on it! It’s a very antique brooch that was given to me from a family friend in Maine, but I never wear brooches, so I turned it into a ring. 🙂

That’s it for today! Enjoying the outdoors, sitting on a patio outside Starbucks now while typing up this blog post and soaking up the beautiful weather before it turns to 109 degrees this weekend! I wish I was kidding, but that’s the actual expected temperature! Ugh!

Happy Thursday!

A Red Bow and a Smile

FullSizeRender (64)

There’s something about a red hair bow that adds a vintage flair to any outfit!

Today I wore one of my favorite casual outfits – a black pinstripe romper I bought at Target. Perfect for a warm spring day. 🙂



I’ve always admired lovely ladies from the 1960’s who effortlessly pulled off the eye-catching, charming red bow look.

FullSizeRender (61)

FullSizeRender (62)


FullSizeRender (63)

My favorite thing about this romper are the POCKETS. I adore pockets, so I get super excited when a dress/skirt/romper has them, haha.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


This ol’ Thing?


Outfit post time!

I found this super cute, nostalgic little blouse number at Goodwill, no tags in it, so I’m under the strong impression that this was something that was completely made from scratch and sewn by hand. I can’t tell how old it is, but with its puffy sleeves and floral print, I feel like it’s been around for quite awhile.

FullSizeRender (55)

I can’t express how much I love wearing white. I used to never wear white, but I find myself more often than not wearing the color now. I think the white skirt paired really well with the blouse.


So glad I could get a clear close-up of the details! I love the cinched sleeves at the elbows, and the cute little yellow and orange flowers. I love the silhouette it creates.

FullSizeRender (53)

FullSizeRender (54)


So after taking outfit photos, in the COLD I might add (what happened to the 70/80 degree temperatures I’ve been spoiled with lately?) I drove across town to the cutest little gem of a coffee shop called Yellow Mug Coffee. That’s an iced mocha I ordered, and it’s delicious.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday! 🙂

Hello Kitty Café


Yesterday, I had the privilege to get a pack of cookies from the Hello Kitty Café truck that was touring through my city! The line was really long but it was still fun, nonetheless. My friend and I just stood in line and talked the entire time. I love anything cutesy and pink, so this was all-too perfect and I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

I really loved my outfit yesterday, which was a turquoise blue dress that had me feeling like a Disney character all day. The weather has sprung into the 70’s, so it’s comfortable wearing short sleeves now.


You know I had to wear my handmade Hello Kitty ring to the Hello Kitty Café. 😉


Really liking these puffy sleeves!

FullSizeRender (50)

FullSizeRender (51)

Overall, it was an amaaaaaaazing day. I realized, if I am so easily charmed by cute pastries and such, I need to visit Tokyo where that kind of thing is everywhere! 😛 I’d be overwhelmed by such cuteness.

Happy Sunday!


It Was All Yellow…


I took a string of goofy pics yesterday, all while donning one of my favorite new dresses I got at a thrift store! I have a thing for yellow lately, especially pale yellow. It definitely has a retro vibe, and pastels make me feel super feminine.

Also, I’m wearing a long-sleeve nude shirt underneath. In some of these pics, it looks like my arms are bare, but they aren’t, haha. Too cold for that!




Balancing act? Not sure what I’m doing there…

It’s been gloomy weather so I guess I’m trying to be my own sunshine, haha. I seriously adore pastels and want to try more colors…maybe lavender, or mint green…colors like that.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Cheetah Print Daze


I can not believe it’s February already. I’m not a fan of February but I’m looking forward to March – upcoming spring time! Today there’s a chance of rain, so it’s a bit gloomy but it’s warm, which is nice. 🙂


Today’s outfit, I went with one of my favorite sweaters – a cheetah print one, and a matching hair bow.




Today I’m just enjoying the outdoors and sitting on the patio, and also having high hopes for a potential job offer as a marketing assistant! I really hope I end up getting it, but if not, there will be other options eventually. I’ve taken a long look at what will make me completely happy these last few days…and at this point, a new job definitely will! I have a supportive mom and sister, good hobbies, a few close friends and now I just need the job. Then I will truly feel happy.

Find what makes you happy and do it!!! That’s all I can really say. 🙂


Like a Princess

Completely opposite from my last outfit post: I’m all dressed in white today. 🙂

I really like white dresses, as they have an appeal I can’t quite describe. There’s a very innocent, charming look about them. I have a bright pink bow belt that I thought added a cute pop of color, and I ended up feeling like a princess, haha.







To finish it off, I added a rhinestone barrette in my hair just to polish it up. I sort of felt like I was going to a ball or something, when really I was just going to Starbucks, lol. I tend to always be the most overdressed person in the room anyway. :p

Happy Friday!


Wintry Skies N’ Earthquakes

Let me start off by saying, last night (or early this morning, as in midnight/1 a.m. hour) was probably the weirdest night ever. Literally couldn’t sleep until well after 2 a.m., because my sleep kept being interrupted by…not dogs barking, not a car alarm…but earthquakes.

Yep, earthquakes. Here in good ol’ Central California, we very rarely feel them only because of our placement away from major fault lines, but it’s not unheard of to feel them if wherever the epicenter is has a good-sized magnitude. The epicenter was apparently near the California-Nevada borderline, but it was felt clearly here. Totally freaked me out, things hanging on the ceiling were swaying…not cool!


Photography time! I’m not a fan of the cold, but I’ve always admired how crisp and blue the sky seems to be in the winter months. Doesn’t the sky just look different when it’s winter? Or, maybe I’m imagining it. I took the opportunity this morning to go out into my front yard and snap some pretty winter photos of the bare branches that are beautiful in their own way…



The winter months feel like they have an eerie stillness to them, which is alluring to me. I especially like to go outside at night (wrapped in a blanket, of course) and gaze up at Orion’s Belt, my favorite winter constellation. I’d really be bored without my Sky Guide app, which entertains me to no end!

Speaking of SPACE STUFF…

My outfit-of-the-day totally ties into this mention of space. I’m donning one of my favorite skirts, which I bought very inexpensively on Amazon!


Me, totally not even looking at the camera…



I loooooooove this skirt. Makes me feel like a space queen or something. I’ve always loved galaxy skirts, and I got this one for around $8 or so through Amazon. Paired with a pale pink sweater and black boots, it has a very funky vibe that I like!

Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to smile!

December Fun


Have I mentioned how much I love pink? 😀 A pink and purple outfit I put together (my favorite color combination).


And pink nails to boot. Not really a festive holiday color for the season, but it’s just so hard to part from pink. For my next nail color, I’ll probably go neutral, like a sparkly beige.


Now for the holiday fun! My Christmas tree is completely decorated, and as you can see, I made sure to include a Star Wars ornament. Queen Amidala will forever be my favorite Star Wars character, mostly because I’m in love with her otherworldy hairstyles and gowns. It gives the tree a quirky touch to boot!


I’ve always admired DIY crafts I see on Pinterest and such, so I finally decided to give it a go. For a long time, I’ve wanted a faux deer head sculpture with roses on the antlers. I managed to find a gold deer sculpture at Michael’s on sale for $20, and bought some roses to glue onto the antlers. Voilà! I absolutely love how it turned out!


While I was at Michael’s, I bought some really pretty floral garland that I ended up draping over my cabinet in my bathroom, and that’s another thing I’ve wanted to try for awhile – interior decorating! It gives my bathroom a fresh, feminine look that I love.


And last but not least, I created a new quirky ring for myself:  a flower-crown-wearing Twiggy ring framed with rhinestones.  I am SO ready for the next Marilyn Manson concert, can’t you tell?  😉

I can now check off a few DIY projects from my list! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and doing fun stuff. 🙂