Strawberry Lemonade Checkers Look + Sailor Sam?

There is something I just totally love with this first outfit; the yellow and pink accessories remind me of strawberry lemonade? Or something cute like that! The cross adds a gothic touch. AND THE CHECKERED PRINT SKIRT!!! It all comes together in a fun way.

The second thing I am so happy with in this post, is that I took some time to really work with the setup of how I take photos. It really can be difficult finding something to sit my mini-tripod on, being my own photographer and all! Close range photos are a cinch; it’s the distant range photos that are troublesome. I always sit the tripod on the hood of my parked car and snap a full-length outfit photo, but I was growing very tired of the door backdrop, which looked a bit washed out on camera.

After some trial and error placing my tripod on random things in the backyard, I figured out that setting it on a chair was PERFECT!!! I’m just so happy I found a way to snap full-length outfits much better now. 😊

Choker: Dolls Kill // Ring: Made by me
Shoes: Dolls Kill
Bow: Made by me // Clips: Amazon // Top: SHEIN
Skirt: Forever 21

Lastly, here’s my SAILOR LOOK of the day!!! I have always loved the look of a sailor uniform, and I made it my own in a super girly way with my favorite hot pink lace bow and star choker. This is my all-time favorite outfit – feels magical wearing it! 💖

Shoes: Dolls Kill
Bow: Made by me // Neckerchief: SHEIN
Top: H & M // Shorts: SHEIN
Choker + Ring: Etsy

Bro. I can’t emphasize how awesome I feel in this sailor outfit. I looooooooove it so much!!!!!! Isn’t it amazing – the power of an outfit, and how it makes us feel? 💕

See ya next time!!!