Plaid Love


Happy Monday, everyone!

It’s an extra happy Monday for me because I have the day off to enjoy. So, let’s begin with today’s outfit!!!


I am a huge fan of plaid, and I pulled out this old scarf I’ve had forever…pink and navy blue is such a gorgeous color combination to me, so I’m really loving this look. There’s a real vintage feel with a long, trailing scarf over one’s shoulder.




coffee-cup copy

It’s another beautiful day with good weather, so what better what to spend today than outdoors? As per usual, I have my iced mocha…pretty soon I will have to switch to the hot mocha for the winter months. I’m a simple gal in that sense: iced mocha, hot mocha. Hot weather, cold weather. 🙂 I stick to what I like.

Enjoy the new week ahead! See you next time!