Hi there, lovely people! 🙂

No other color out there makes me think of the 60’s and 70’s more than pale yellow. I love wearing pink, but yellow comes in as a close second.


White and yellow, even more so! Throw in some floral, et voilà, it’s even more retro.


This outfit is from Goodwill (the floral top and the yellow dress over it), which I  bought this past summer. It was a little warmer today, so I figured I could squeeze in another summer-like outfit while I still could!!


Once upon a time in the parking lot of a busy shopping center I frequent, a parking attendant approached me, not to write me a ticket, but to tell me that anytime he sees me, I remind him of Ophelia Frump from the Addams Family. I’m guessing it’s either the daisies or the eccentricity – or both. According to the Addams Family wiki page, “She is a bit clumsy, breaking a lot of items. Plants also grow on her head.” 

Ophelia. Can we be best friends, please?

So, I like to call this headband my “Ophelia Frump” headband. ❤ Thought I’d give you the backstory on this ol’ thing that I wear a lot!





For other style enthusiasts out there, what inspires your sense of fashion? I find lots of inspiration everywhere, mostly because I’m constantly searching for it. I like to stick with my signature look, but I find new things to add to it.

I think the most prominent influence on my style was the Summer of Love in 1967. I’ve been drawn to that time since I was a kid, and in my late teens, I watched a documentary on it, and I was forever changed! Seeing women walking around the streets of San Francisco with flowers in their hair, heavy eyeliner, faux lashes and mini-dresses was just the most fascinating style to me. I love the music from that time, too (The Beatles’ ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ album from 1967…favorite Beatles album!).

I’ve been told before, once in a light-hearted way and another time in an accusing way (LOL!) that my outfits are like a “costume”. I can see that, but to me it’s all in good fun and really how I enjoy expressing myself.

Well, those are my fashion thoughts of the day!

See you next time! Have a beautiful day. ❤



Photos courtesy of Pinterest.




Heat Wave


Happy summer, folks!

Naturally, here in the California Central Valley, it didn’t hesitate a moment to unleash its heat wrath upon us. It hit 111, and there were patches of power outages in my city for two days or so. In my area of town, the outage only lasted 15 minutes. It happens – everyone is running their AC and it overloads. Happens every year!


It’s been hot, but I still try to come up with cute outfits of course. I got creative and mixed prints, which always creates an interesting look…the top and the skirt were gems I found at Goodwill awhile back!





Can’t remember if I’ve shown this ring before (I probably have). One of my favorites I’ve made, and I cropped out my nails because they looked reeeeeally bad and one of my nails had popped off! However…


…I got them re-done shortly after! Sheer gold stiletto nails. Love!

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their summer, wherever in the world you happen to be! 🙂