My name is Samantha!!! I work as a social media manager and graphic designer. Other than working, you’ll find me at a coffee shop drinking a mocha while reading/typing away on my laptop (my laptop is my best friend, by the way). I often feel like an alien who got dropped off on the wrong planet! šŸ‘½

Fashion is my artistic expression; I figure, if I am going to wander through this life, I’m going to have fun with it by dressing absolutely crazy. šŸ’• My other passion is collecting vintage items from the former USSR and former DDR (ever since I was a child, I’ve felt like that’s where my last life left off, if reincarnation even is a real thing). Iā€™m also obsessed with military stuff. I really like WWI planes, and jets!

I created this blog to share my outfits, vintage finds, and the little things in life that make me happy!