Sunny and Retro


Hello hellooooooo!!! ❤

So many fun things to share in this post! Where do I start?

First off! My wallet design arrived in the mail! I’m sooooo happy with how it turned out…oh my gosh, people!


Isn’t it cute?! So, the art is by me, and I glued the little flower charms on it to add more cuteness. I’m in love!

I might, in the future, make some other wallets for my shop. For now I’m just enjoying my new wallet. 🙂



Today’s outfit is a color combination I really love: pink and yellow.

I am so used to wearing flower headbands, that I wanted something new to wear in my hair. Hence, two clips across from each other, which has a nice retro touch!


I had a lot of leftover felt from my previous headband I made, so I decided to make a cute pin that looks like a faux belt buckle. Interesting, yes? I glued little charms onto it. Something fun to add to my pink skirt!



Really love this entire outfit today! It’s bright and happy, which matches the weather and my mood today. 🙂

I’m going to continue trying out the whole one-hair-clip-on-each-side thing. It’s very retro and playful, which is what I’m all about! ❤

Enjoy your weekend! See ya!


April Showers


…better bring some amazingly pretty May flowers!!!

Hi, all! Like my umbrella today? Since I’m wearing a lavender ensemble, I thought I’d stick with the color palette and what not. 😉

It’s an interesting rain today, that’s for sure. It’s warm outside, which is great because I’m only a fan of warm rain, but consequently, it’s rather humid. Oh well; I’ll take it!


This umbrella is pretty cool, isn’t it? I bought it at H&M sometime last year. Love the roses.


I get so caught up in flower headbands, that I sometimes neglect my simple black velvet bow headband. It’s subtle, yet still adds a cute touch!!! Also, a matching black velvet choker.


My little pin is back! I showcased it in a previous blog post, and this sassy lady is back to attack. Attack oncoming passersby with her unabashedly quirky fashion sense, that is…

I got this pin from The Tote Trove, and she sells the cutest items ever! ❤ I love this pin especially, because it’s just so cute and a nice conversation starter. The colors went well with my skirt today, so it all came together perfectly.




I know, I know…another new pair of shoes from B.A.I.T. footwear! My other matching pair is off-white, and now I have them in black. I just can’t get over the cuteness and the old fashion vibes these shoes have! ❤


I thought I would include a close-up of my makeup today, which I’m totally loving! Keeping with the purple look, I used a mix of silver with purple, and black in the crease. I don’t even know where the eyeshadow palette is from because it was a Christmas gift, but it’s awesome!


So, our front door and the screen door finally got painted white! I can’t get over how much I love the new look of the house. It looks so happy and cute, and I love walking through the front door!

The fence still needs to be painted white, but that will happen soon. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading! See ya!