Springing into the First Week of Spring!

Spring ~ my faaaaaavorite season, ever!!! (Along with summer, that is!) 🌷🐞

With this week being in the 80’s here in central California, I didn’t hesitate to get out and enjoy those warm rays. Which made me think of this: I decided to write out a list of the things that are making my spring already awesome!

  1. Warmer days. This one’s obvious because y’all know I’m freezing if it’s below 75 degrees!
  2. Longer days. ☀️ Yessssssss!!!!! I can’t stress this one enough.
  3. Comfortable walks outside. Heck yeah!
  4. The new Ghost album. It came out in early March, and I’ve been looping it in my car! It kicks ass!
  5. Ladybugs. I’ve been seeing an influx of them in my backyard, which always makes me happy.

And now, for my favorite outfits I wore during this first week of spring:

T-shirt: Secondhand // Skirt: Forever 21 // Shoes: Dolls Kill
Lady bug clips: Made by me // Bow: Childhood // Choker: Etsy

This next outfit felt unusually casual for me but I wanted to try something different! Even though I felt like…too casual. KIND OF. In fact, the first outfit felt super casual too because it was an oversized T-shirt. Anyway, here we have an oversized polo shirt, belted:

Polo shirt: Secondhand
Shoes: Dolls Kill
Bow: Childhood // Choker: Etsy // Clips: Amazon

Lastly, here’s a romper with my neckerchief attached for another sailor-inspired look!!! ❤️

Romper: Forever 21 // Neckerchief: SHEIN // Choker: Etsy
Bow: Made by me: // Clips: SHEIN
Shoes: Dolls Kill


I have been waiting for these to arrive in the mail from SHEIN and I could not be more overjoyed with how they look! These are the prettiest butterfly clips I’ve ever owned. I love the ombre and glitter! And…they were only $2. For all of them!

I figure, some of you may want a direct link to where you can buy these, so here you are!

I hope you’re enjoying the start of spring! See ya next time!!! 🌷🐞

Four Days of Easter-rific Outfits

Easter is one of my favorite holidays!!! Happy Easter, folks! Honestly, it’s because of the pastel colors, Cadbury Eggs and hollow chocolate Easter bunnies. Yes, please! I also made sugar cookies, as you can see above!

This past week, I finally got my Etsy shop going again with new items! 💕 These are ring sets (in pairs of two). There’s the Rainbow Bright Set and the Pastel Dream Set. I’m super happy with how these turned out, and it feels great to be creating again. 💕

All of the Easter accessories I wore with these outfits (except for my rings) are from my childhood. I’m so glad I saved all of this stuff, seriously! Wearing things from when I was a kid helps me stay in touch with my inner child now as an adult. (“Stay in touch with”… who am I kidding, I’m still a woman child. I have no shame in that either!!)

I had a lot of fun coming up with these Easter-themed outfits. For a twist, I wore my spike collar, just to add something a bit ironic to the whole cutesy mix! I like the dichotomy! 🌷💜 For the orange and green ensemble, I was trying to look like A CARROT (note the carrot hair clips and necklace)!

Lastly, check out my new shoes from Dolls Kill!!! I love them sooooooooooo much!

Happy Easter to you!!! 🐰🌸

Samantha Goes Hawaiian and Finally Finds Her Creative Spark to Create New Jewelry

Weeeeeee! I finally felt inspired to make some new RINGS! 💕 I’m so happy. These I made for myself, but I’ll make more in the near future to put on Etsy!

I haven’t made jewelry in at least a year; I’m not sure why I stopped, but sometimes my creativity comes to a standstill and I simply just be for a while. I’ve learned not to be too hard on myself for it either; I figure, it’s okay to just wait for creative inspiration to bloom, whenever that may be!

But I’m back at it, and it made me feel GREAT! So excited to make new stuff again.

The bunny ring is actually a cupcake topper, and I added the roses and the rhinestone eyeball! Right in time for upcoming Easter. 💖

Lastly, here’s my Hawaiian-themed look for the day. Hearing that it’s going to be in the 70’s for awhile apparently had a tropical influence over me!!! 😉 Also, I couldn’t decide between either yarn bows or butterfly clips so I wore both. *cue party music* I feel like a mildly edgier version of Gidget.

See ya next time!! 🌺

Taking a Magical Mystery Tour, Banay-Nay Frost in Hand

Whenever I need a boost of cheer, I just reach for The Beatles’ 1967 album Magical Mystery Tour. It honestly lifts my spirits and feels like my soul went through the car wash. All sparkly clean afterwards!!

🎧 Roll uuuuuup…roll up for the Mystery Tour!!!
The Magical Mystery Tour is waiting to take you away…🎧

With such a peppy album opening as that, who wouldn’t be excited to hop on this tour bus? Also, flower-dotted fields and The Beatles in animal masks – where is this tour bus and why am I not on it?

In all seriousness, I really do love listening to this album because it feels like I’m in some kind of whimsical paradise that is both unfathomably beautiful and unsettlingly strange at the same time.

For example, my favorite song on the album is Strawberry Fields Forever. The first time I ever listened to it was in pitch-black darkness, late at night while lying in bed. I thought to myself, This is the most hauntingly beautiful song I’ve ever heard in my life*tears fill eyes*. Then the song ended…well, I thought it ended.

There’s an end segment where the instruments gradually come back into earshot after you think the song’s over, but it sounds like it’s playing in reverse. John Lennon’s voice surfaces in the midst, but pitched lower, and he says either “Cranberry Sauce” or “I buried Paul” (it’s still debated on what he says – it kind of sounds like either phrase to me!)

Anyway, this unexpected assault on my eardrums made every hair on my arms stand up and I felt as if some invisible force was chasing me or something…I threw my headphones off and I could have PEED MY PANTS, I WAS SO TERRIFIED. I turned on all the lights in my bedroom and slept with them on, too.

See what I mean about both unfathomably beautiful and unsettlingly strange? Strawberry Fields Forever still remains one of my favorite songs of all time, because any song that can bring me to tears of pure joy and scare the pants off me deserves a standing ovation in my book!

My outfit looks like I’m ready to board the Magical Mystery Tour Bus. Also, I tried the BANAY-NAY FROST FROM DUTCH BROTHERS 🌷 …

Took that first sip and I swore I saw paradise. It is SO GOOOOOD…the flavor is banana and dark chocolate! Admittedly, I giggled when I said my order aloud. “Can I get a small Banay-nay Frost?” Tee heeeeee!

The Magical Mystery Tour album ends with All You Need Is Love, but I’d like to add, All You Need is Love and a Banay-Nay Frost. Just like the album, it’s paradise…paradise in a cup, that is.

See ya next time!!!