Meow’s the Word: This Goth Cat Look Has Me Feeling Like a Powerful Kawaii Queen

I have for a long while wanted to do another cat ears look. But my bows don’t always pair well with said cat ears. After some tinkering around, I realized they look great with this light pink lace bow, and I feel like a kawaii cat queen!!! 👑🐱

I feel like this is my one true form, to be quite honest. There are times while wandering around inside my house on any given day when I’ll randomly start meowing to the tune of Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. It’s just something I do to entertain myself and hey, I love that song anyway…why not meow it?

Choker: Dolls Kill // Cats ears: Amazon

Feelin’ good you guys **claps encouragingly like a football coach**. Some days you just gotta be a cat. Or a bunny, or whatever it is that you want to channel yourself after. Why, you may ask?!?!?! Because it fluffs up your life a bit, like a pillow. And for me, fluffing up my life involves putting on a big lace bow and some cat ears, and showing the world that it’s okay to march to your own drumbeat!

Speaking of pillows, these gummies were so PILLOWY SOFT!!! But let me back up a bit and explain. Yesterday, my sister and I drove to Rare Earth Roastery, a cute little place that serves coffee in a warehouse and they have goodies you can purchase. The moment I saw these X’s and O’s gummies (“Love Letters” is what they are called), with their pastel cuteness, I knew I’d be buying them before we left. They did not disappoint! They exceeded my expectations in fact; they’re the softest gummies I’ve ever eaten, and these came in flavors of grape, pineapple, and strawberry.

The brand is called Candy Club and you can find them online! They have a ton of different kinds of candies and chocolates, and the best part is that they are totally cute shapes. 💖💖💖

See ya!!

Sassy Shoes and Floral Hues

Isn’t this purse darling??? Wouldn’t you know, it’s several decades old, and I made some minor modifications after my mom gave me it. Firstly, I removed the straps so it can live a new life as a clutch. Secondly, I glued on the sparkly pink heart charms. Cuteness!!!

And next, we have a shot of two bracelets I wore today. The hot pink and blue one was a special customized bracelet my sister made for me; she’s great at making bracelets, and she gladly made one for me. Shoutout to my unicorn for modeling them:

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Dolls Kill

My outfit today felt sassy!!! With chunky shoes and a floral dress, I was loving it. ❤️

Ride Into the Danger Zone: Top Gun Fun

Jets? Adrenaline? Humorous military banter? Military stuff, in general? I definitely felt the NEED to see this movie!!! 😎

I’ve seen the original Top Gun, which of course is a military classic. Its sequel had been delayed in theaters for I think two years now, and after seeing it, it was definitely worth the wait! ❤️

This movie was epic. EPIC!!!!!!! I don’t even have the words to form a better description than that?

Maverick (Tom Cruise) is back and he’s ready to show these young pilots at Top Gun that he’s still got it. And he does. He’s sharp as a tac, fit as a fiddle, and he’s grown as a person; Maverick is still sure of himself like in the original, but with more life experience now. With that, he comes off as more maturely confident, which I liked and it added a lot of depth to his character. He’s seen a thing or two, ya know?

If you enjoyed the original Top Gun, you will enjoy this one because it perfectly ties into it and has many many nods to the first film.

There’s a scene at a beach bar where we’re introduced to the young Top Gun pilots who have been called on a very significant mission. They’re playing pool and sipping beers, and the pilots zero in on a particular pilot who comes off as a bit shy – Bob. The second I saw him on the screen, my eyes nearly flew out of my head at the speed of light and turned into beating red hearts, my gaze fixating on this glasses-wearing, adorable human being that made my heart melt immediately. Who on earth is this guy?!?!

Of course I’d pick the nerdy one of the bunch. That’s no surprise! But I kept thinking, this guy’s adorable face is very familiar. Why does he remind me of a young Bill Pullman? Probably because, as I later found out via Google (yeah, you knew I’d Google him) that Bill Pullman is his dad – this actor is Lewis Pullman. Mind, blown!

Let’s just have a Bob appreciation moment for an extra sec and I don’t care if I’m coming off as creepy because that seems to be what I do best anyway:

K. Anyway, I really enjoyed this film!!!!! It was action packed, it literally had my nerves in a bunch from the intensity, it was fun and was very moving to boot. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lastly, here’s my outfit!! The stripes on the heart kind of make me think of military stripes, fittingly enough. 💖

Top: Cat & Jack, Target
Socks: SHEIN

See ya!! 💖

Minnie Mouse, a Unicorn, & Hello Kitty: Summer’s Here and the Gang’s All Here

I love summer for a ton of reasons, but there’s one thing that always stands out to me about this time of year: stepping outside my place and hearing the hum of people’s air conditioners on their roofs. I love that sound, and it’s kind of the chorus of summertime for me. ❤️ Ironically, I don’t have AC in my unit. It broke a long time ago, and that’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive to fix if you ask me!!! But I get by just fine during the summer by using a fan and simply opening the backyard door to let air in. Plus, it saves a lot on the ol’ utility bill. Heat doesn’t bother me; COLD DOES. And that’s why I love love love summer!

Those flower hair clips shown above are my favorites, and are very summery, in my opinion. I have them in practically every color now, so I color coordinate them in my hair, daily!

Now, for my two favorite summer outfits as of lately! Consisting of Minnie Mouse, a unicorn and Hello Kitty. 😎☀️

Minnie Bag: had since childhood
T-shirt: Cat & Jack, Target, Little Girl’s Section
Socks: SHEIN / Shoes: Lamoda, Dolls Kill
Bag: Thrifted, Goodwill
T-shirt: SHEIN
Shoes: Lamoda, Dolls Kill

See ya next time!! 💓

Flooded with Joy: An Old Makeup Bag Becomes a Clutch

When I woke up today at my usual 6 AM time, I slowly rose to a new day, only to find my bathroom sink had a cracked pipe that had ruptured and water had flooded onto the floor. HAPPY TUESDAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Soaking up water with towels, I then began throwing out things that had been long deserted underneath the sink cabinet. I really had no excuse as to why I’d kept anything under there, so I was then forced to toss out old things. But alas!!!!! Way in the back, soaked in water like everything else, was an old makeup bag I’d bought at Claire’s at least 5+ years ago, and I’d totally forgotten about it. I’d stopped using it once I downsized my purse and it wouldn’t fit.

So, thank you, flood. And luckily, the leaky pipe problem was resolved today after having our resident handyman who lives in our complex come down and reinstall a new pipe! But without you flood, I wouldn’t have found this old makeup bag, which now serves as a clutch purse! 💗 If that’s not a silver lining, then I don’t know what is.

I am flooded with joy because I have this gorgeous “new” clutch purse!!! It reminds me of Lisa Frank. I’m ready for approaching summer (my favorite season) and strutting my tropical shorts from SHEIN! ☀️❤️

(Note the blue/purple rug hanging over the fence. It was drying out, having been soaked!)

Saved By the Bell is Slowly Taking Over My Life

I’ve literally been watching Saved By the Bell every single night before I go to bed. I own the entire series on DVD and have just began watching each episode, from the very beginning! I usually squeeze in two episodes per night, and I think the fashion is beginning to seep into my style choices.

For example, I’ve made pattern mixing a priority lately, and there’s a lot of that going on on the show. Also, florals!!! I’ll use Violet (Tori Spelling) as an example and Screech (Dustin Diamond) (they were so dang cute as a couple on this show). We have florals and some major pattern mixing here:

I absolutely LOVE Violet. She is the nerdy girl, and Screech’s girlfriend in a few episodes. I wish Violet had a more longstanding role in the series. I don’t know about you, but I tend to zero in on female characters who are either nerdy or some kind of outsider. Violet is nerdy and has really cute clothes, and she snorts when she laughs, so she quickly became a favorite of mine!

So here are my florals and pattern mixing ensembles from this week. 💕

I love Saved By the Bell and I’m sure it will continue to inspire me! 💕

Blue Ain’t Yo Color: Maybe Not, But I’m Wearing It Anyway!

I’ve always felt hesitant to wear blue, because as someone with a warm skin tone, I worry that it contrasts with the cool tone of blue. But borrowing this blue sweater from my mom was just the chance I took and I like it!!!

Typically, warm colors like orange, coral, pink, etc. look best on me. But!!!! Even though blue may not necessarily be my “best” color, sometimes you just gotta take a chance, am I right???

Now for some FRUIT SOCKS!

SOCKS: Christmas gift // Shoes: Dolls Kill
Ring: Forever 21

I love these fruit socks. AND all the blue going on. Also, my bow kind of looks like lemons, which go with the socks! 🍋💕

Are there certain colors you’re hesitant to wear? Do you wear them anyway?!


Pearl Jammin’: Thoughts Arrive Like Butterflies

Even floooooooooooooooooooooooow
Thoughts arrive like butterflies…

I can’t even tell you how long I’ve wanted this CD!!! Pearl Jam’s Ten album came out in 1991, and somehow this CD never made it into my ’90s collection. I have a lot of classic ’90s rock albums, as they are very nostalgic time capsules, but I just never got around to purchasing this one. And here we are, at last!

First off, I love the picture that unfolds when you take out the CD cover booklet! It’s so early ’90s, I love it. So, this whole album from start to finish, in my opinion, is gold! I had no idea what I was missing. Popping it in is taking a refreshing trip down the grungy rock lane of the legendary ’90s sound – and Eddie Vedder’s distinctive voice alone is certainly the ’90s sound.

Listening to ’90s rock albums immediately make me think of my youth: carefree summers in the sizzling Fresno heat, having no AC in neither my mom or my sister’s cars, Hostess mini muffins, and frozen Dr. Peppers from Texaco. The main rock bands that come to mind that perfectly encapsulate this time for me are The Smashing Pumpkins, Collective Soul, Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls and Pearl Jam, as I heard so many of their songs on the radio back then!

Seriously – ’90s rock bands, I hold near and dear to my heart. I still remember seeing The Smashing Pumpkins live in concert in Oakland in 2018, and the moment I saw the shining beam of stage light reflect off of Billy Corgan’s ethereal bald head, I was choking back tears as I rode the wave of childhood nostalgia from the comfort of my stadium seat.

I’ve listened to Pearl Jam’s Ten three times already in my CD player, and I’m definitely happy to own the album! My favorites are Even Flow and Jeremy, for sure – Jeremy being my #1 favorite! I actually remember Adam Sandler on SNL way back in the day parodying Even Flow and dressed as Eddie Vedder on a segment, LOL!!!

And now for the outfit of the day. 😀

Top: SHEIN // Skirt: Etsy
Bracelets: gifted from sister
Shoes: Dolls Kill // Mickey Mouse Socks: gifted from mom

For nostalgia’s sake, I should stop by a gas station and buy some mini muffins and rock out to Pearl Jam’s Ten while going for a little drive around town. And maybe a frozen Dr. Pepper, to boot? 😊

See yaaaa!!! 💗

Coffee and Mystery: a New Genre on the Block

When I took a leisurely stroll through Barnes & Noble the other day, I was itching to try out a new genre of reading. Having not read much of anything lately, I realized I needed something different from my usual reads. I tend to read stuff that is either too-serious nonfiction or kid’s fiction for easy reading (probably to get away from said too-serious nonfiction).

I wanted something that was for adults but light-hearted enough to be fun but still thought-provoking without being romance-focused. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally read stuff that I can’t relate to – I like to get a different viewpoint of things outside of myself, after all – but to be honest, I try to avoid books that are heavily centered around romance, sex, female best friends, friend squads, etc. Basically, all the stuff that has been absent throughout my life. I can’t say I like being reminded that, by most people’s standards, I haven’t “lived” much at all. Those kind of themes tend to tickle the back of my mind, making me wonder if I’ve missed out on a lot in life? Maybe. It’s easier to read books about history or military-themed, testosterone-fueled adventures in Iraq or something. But not this time, I told myself. Not this time. I’m not going down the same old road, like I always do on my literary journeys of playing it safe.

And that’s when I stumbled upon two shelves of the Mystery section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My inspiration for checking out this section is Tracy from The Tote Trove. She has many book reviews that center around this genre, and I always wanted to give it a go. And when I scanned the shelves, my eyes caught on the words Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson.

COFFEE IS THE THEME? Bestill my heart! Whilst finding this book on the shelf, I was literally sipping an iced mocha I’d gotten from the Starbucks café they have in Barnes & Noble. It seemed too good to be true. Some other books in this series include Death by Café Mocha, Death by Vanilla Latte, Death by Pumpkin Spice…could this be any more perfect for me???

Krissy Hancock and her best friend Vicki open a bookstore café in their new town of Pine Hills, deciding to call it Death By Coffee. The name becomes all too real when a customer, Brendon Lawyer, ends up taking his coffee…to the grave. How did peanuts end up in his coffee, when he had a peanut allergy?! And who took his allergy medication, coincidentally enough?

It’s up to Krissy to brew up some answers for Officer Dalton, the cute cop investigating the case, as to what happened to Brendon, a not-so-liked man about town. Someone is a killer, but whom? ☕️👀 I’m loving this book! I’m glad I tried something NEW. 💗

Finally, here are my favorite outfits from the past few days! I decided to change things up and sit on the ground for a few shots, ha ha…let it be known that in this first photo, literally two seconds after the photo snapped, a bumblebee charged into the backyard and I almost broke down the screen door trying to get inside the house.

Top: Secondhand // Shoes: Dolls Kill
Skirt: Secondhand
Bow: Childhood // Clips: SHEIN // Choker: Etsy
Bracelets: gifted // Ring: Etsy
Overall dress + Turtleneck: SHEIN
Shoes: Dolls Kill // Socks: Amazon
Ring: From a quarter machine from childhood // Brown ombre bracelet: H&M in Santa Monica // Pink bracelet: Gifted
Bow: Dollar Tree // Choker: Etsy // Clips: SHEIN

The above photo makes me laugh…it’s a still frame I took trying to video myself and I look like I either just saw Christ descending from the clouds out of a sunbeam or overheard someone say they ordered me a pizza.

See ya next time, peeps!!! 💗