My Melody Outfit: Literal Hair Bows

I’ve always thought Sanrio’s My Melody is a totally adorable character. So when I spotted these hair clips on Amazon, I knew I definitely wanted to pick up a pair!

And of course, how could I not add my Hello Kitty ring to the outfit (seeing that she’s My Melody’s best friend, after all).

I put a cardigan on because, after we had a blazing heat wave last week (I’m talking like 113 degrees!) the high of 84 degrees today felt chilly! And the best way to top off this outfit? Literal hair bows. As in, bows made out of hair. I used extra hair extensions I had on hand to create these! I looooooooooooove them!!! 💕

Cardigan: Secondhand // Skirt: Amazon // Bow: SHEIN
Top: Forever 21 // Shoes: Dolls Kill

I try to make my life fun and playful. And what better way than to wear fun things on my head????

A Tale of Two Buns: Cheers to Trying New Things

Admittedly, I’m an extremely predictable person; I don’t budge from my set style, whether it be my clothes or my hair. I’ve always found comfort in routines and repetitiveness. But even so, I reach a point where I just need a tiny change up to feel “renewed”, or like a “fresh new start”, no matter how tiny the change is. And that’s where these two buns come into the story!

I made them myself out of extra hair extensions I had on hand.

Top: SHEIN // Skirt: Secondhand
Brooch: Childhood
Top + Shorts: SHEIN
Brooch: Childhood // Butterflies: SHEIN

I’ve always adored “space buns”, I just didn’t know how to incorporate it into my hairstyle. And, I’ve always loved hair ribbons worn on the back of the head. Again, I wasn’t sure how it’d look. So I finally took the plunge and tried both, and what do ya know!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!

And you bet I ordered a few long bows to wear on the back of my head off of SHEIN, immediately after I realized I much I love this new look. 💗

Black Cat Purse + Outfit

When my sister and I went for our yearly tradition of going to Spirit Halloween on the first Saturday of September, I spotted this gem of a purse and thought, it’s definitely going home with me! I love the vintage look of it, and I think it will compliment many of my outfits!

Afterwards, we got Starbucks and I enjoyed my iced mocha with a delicious croissant. ❤️ Here was my outfit of the day!

Top: SHEIN // Skirt: Amazon
Shoes: Dolls Kill

And I am back to wearing my regular shoes again!!! I am so happy! 🥰

RIP Mikhail Gorbachev!

Just a short post in honor of Mikhail Gorbachev, a world leader I’ve always had a lot of respect for and admire for bridging the gap between U.S. and USSR relations during the Cold War era. I’ve always loved reading his writings and feel fortunate to own these books he wrote! 💓 He will continue to inspire me. (I totally cried when they had an homage to him on World News Tonight with David Muir!)

Purple Teddy Bear Outfit + American Sniper, The Book!

I’m really happy because I can finally wear a semi-closed-toe shoe now!!! No more flip-flops. Now I can wear these cute shoes (lent to me by my mom) that have a mesh netting over the toes, which is quite comfortable!

What better way to celebrate than to wear cute teddy bears in my hair on this lovely Saturday? And check out my cute secondhand leopard-print purse, with my purple teddy bear ring (made by me and is available on Etsy):

Feeling happy about getting to wear closed-toe shoes again and feeling stylish, I wanted to get out and enjoy this Saturday, not having to do any work (it was a busy work week!). So I of course, brought my laptop with me to the coffee shop and my current read, American Sniper, by Chris Kyle.

I always say Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose is my favorite book of all time, and I don’t doubt that. But when I take another turn re-reading Chris Kyle’s autobiography, I’m quickly reminded that this book, too, is my all-time favorite.

One thing that proves it is, is that the spine of the book is broken! It’s been gripped onto that many times, and I actually love that, because its well-worn feel proves how much it means to me.

Chris Kyle, having been a Navy SEAL and a sniper, has a lot of fascinating stories to tell in his autobiography, from his childhood days to his years serving in Iraq, and his writing style is downright hilarious and straight-to-the-point:

I often find myself giggling as I read this book, and that’s one of the many reasons I come back to it so often – he’s hilarious! He’s a manly man full of grit, but with an unexpected soft side he sometimes lets show through his words. I also love that his wife, Taya, has excerpts throughout the book, giving her side of the story when it came to how they first met, dealing with his deployments, etc.

The one thing that haunts me about Chris Kyle’s story is his death in 2013 (roughly a year after he published this book). What makes it so heartbreaking, is that he dodged so many bullets and near-death moments when he served in Iraq, only to come home and settle down in his home state of Texas, and be shot and killed by an ex-Marine (suffering from PTSD) on a shooting range. Killed by a fellow military service member!

But Chris Kyle’s story and legacy live on through this book. I obviously never knew the guy, but reading his book brings his humor and personality to life, and it makes me smile. And I’m sure he’d appreciate that. 🙂

Stars and Stripes: The Wild Blue

Behold my over-the-top, intentionally-cheesy smile! (What can I say? Sometimes life is just too exciting). A month or two ago, I was at a coffee shop I frequent, when a regular noticed that I was reading Citizen Soldiers by Stephen E. Ambrose. He asked me if I’d read any of his other books, in which I replied with spirit that I certainly had, and I listed them. But he asked if I’d read The Wild Blue by said author, and it dawned on me that no, I hadn’t!!! In fact, I totally forgot about the book, and I didn’t own it either. So, with his recommendation, I soon purchased it on eBay for a whopping $4.

And I’m glad I did!! Y’all know I love military aviation stuff, so this has been a very enjoyable book. It’s extremely detailed with a lot of characterization, as Ambrose describes how these young men came to be the pilots of B-24s that flew over Germany in WWII.

And as a tie-in to my blog title, I am indeed wearing stripes. Blue stripes, at that. Blue and pink are a combination that I’ve forgotten make a really cute pair!

It looks like I’m wearing two different flip-flops, but I’m not; the black strap is something I added for extra support on the broken pinky toe foot. Good news though – it’s healing wonderfully! Only a couple more weeks until I can try a regular shoe again (flats for starters!)

Pink hair tie + Light Blue Flower Clips: SHEIN // Bright Blue Flower Clips: Amazon
Top: Secondhand // Skirt: Amazon

Lastly, I have this postcard that is my favorite, and I keep it pinned to a corkboard in my bedroom. It’s very fitting with my current read, and from a graphic design perspective, I find it to be a very gorgeous piece of artwork!


Breaking My Pinky Toe (Cool Skeleton X-Ray Pics Included!)

On Wednesday night, I was about to crawl into bed. Suddenly I remembered: Shoot. I forgot to put a canned iced mocha in the refrigerator (I wanted to have it in the morning when I woke up).

Going down the hallway, I (for whatever ridiculous reason) decided to run merrily the rest of the way and rounded the corner to the kitchen. THWACK!!!!!!! My right foot slammed into the leg of the wooden stool at the dining table, and I felt my pinky toe wedge unnaturally into a painful position as my foot hit it. And I heard a small cracking sound.

Terrible pain (I didn’t shriek or anything, but rather just froze up in shock…after the initial shock of the pain, it continued to hurt but it was tolerable). After putting the can in the refrigerator, I looked to see the damage. I noticed…my pinky toe looked slightly CROOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain calm, I told myself as I wobbled my way to bed. Oh God, it’s broken. My sister is the one who’s broken many bones in her lifetime, so I knew I needed to get her opinion on the matter. But she was asleep, so I had to wait until morning. She’s always said, when you break something, you’ll know. Well, now I finally understand that saying (I’ve never broken a bone in my life!!!)

The next morning on Thursday (after getting pretty much no sleep because my foot hurt and I was thinking of worst-possible-scenarios in my head all night long), I explained to my sister what happened. She agreed that it seemed to be broken, and offered me a Tylenol for pain relief, but I politely declined. I figured I’d just deal with the pain – it could be way worse, after all.

I decided to be brave and go ahead and have my sister take me to urgent care to get a professional opinion, although I was really scared to go. I got dressed for the day and off we went.


My skeleton foot! Doesn’t it look cute?

The doctor confirmed it was a broken pinky toe. I felt relieved when I was told that I just needed to give it time for a few weeks to let it heal naturally. Apparently, “calcium will build up and bridge the gap where it’s broken.” Not nearly as scary as I was bracing myself for!

For the next few weeks, it’ll have to be flip-flops only. No goth platforms for me for awhile! And I learned a valuable lesson. Don’t do silly things like run down the hallway in your house, and protect your toes (they’re fragile). I’m kind of disappointed that I ruined my track record of never having a broken bone, but I also realize it could’ve been way worse, and other people have experienced far worse breaks! I consider myself very lucky!

The bruising has gone down already and the pain also has decreased a lot! 😊

Coffee and Funny Story Time: 2004, A Summer to Remember, At All the Right Decibel Levels

*Takes a swig of coffee and begins to reminisce*

Ahhhhhhh. Naval Air Station Lemoore, July, 2004. I was in the Naval Sea Cadet Corps in high school, and that summer, right before starting my senior year, I spent two weeks at Airman Training, where we learned all about jets and what life is like at a naval air base. The purpose of the cadet program was to give young people an idea of what life in the Navy is like, if you chose to join after graduating high school (in which I did not; I went on to get an art degree).

I still have my binder from the training, that I decorated at the time

My roommate for those two weeks was a fellow cadet named Denise. One thing we quickly learned we had in common? We both loved the band Slipknot. Their super popular song Duality was a fresh radio hit at the time, and hearing it come on the radio one evening, we decided to blare it obnoxiously loud in our living quarters. 

“All I’ve GOT!!!!!! ALL I’VE GOT IS INSANE!!!!!!!” Corey Taylor’s voice hollered with grit from the speakers of our stereo. It was like our own personal Slipknot concert, right in our very own room! 

Well, guess what happened? Someone in the building called the police (as in, the military police. We were on a military base, after all). Seeing them pull up in a marked car outside our building window, we promptly turned off the music and hauled butt out of our room, nearly tripping over ourselves really, hiding in a nearby break room. Whispering nervously amongst ourselves, we peered out of the window blinds in the deserted break room with the lights off, watching the military police knocking on people’s doors, trying to determine where the infernal racket had been coming from. They eventually left after not finding the culprits (us) and the music was off, anyway.

But dang. For two sixteen year old girls, seeing the military police instilled the fear of God in us. 

Still have my uniform hat!

Another great memory from Airman Training was when a Marine pulled me aside after a tour of the base and gave me a few words of wisdom that I still to this day try to remind myself. Noticing I was extremely shy and quiet (and I truly was at the age of sixteen), a very stern-looking Marine pulled me aside from the group of cadets, and I thought I was in trouble. Shoot, I wondered. Did he find out Denise and I were the ones playing that Slipknot song too loudly??? How could he possibly know about that—this naval air base is HUGE! But no, that wasn’t it. He only told me this: “I noticed you let other people speak for you.” His stern expression softened, much to my surprise. “You should speak up for yourself.” After he offered a small smile, he went on his way, leaving me standing there with wisdom that would stay with me for the next eighteen years—unbeknownst to me at the time. 

Today’s ensemble, inspired by sailor uniforms! 💙

Dress: Amazon / Neckerchief: SHEIN / Shoes: Dolls Kill

I sometimes wonder what happened to that Marine. During those years, the Iraq/Afghanistan war was in full swing and Marines were deployed in droves, so one can only wonder. Nonetheless, it shows that words can be powerful, and you find your own personal heroes at the most unexpected moments.

I’m definitely not the extremely shy and quiet sixteen-year-old I was then; at almost thirty-five, I’ve noticed most people find me rather annoying and seem to avoid me altogether if they can (I may be ditzy, but I’m good at observations, dang it).  But even if I have no problems with talking now, that doesn’t mean I’m good at speaking up for myself when it matters most. And that’s when I try to remember what that Marine told me. 

And I still play that Slipknot song from time to time, and have a good laugh at the memory that comes with it—but at a modest decibel level, this time.  😉

I Love Gloves

Truthfully, I only wore these gloves for photos; otherwise, I took them off immediately after I finished snapping outfit pictures, because it’s a bit too hot here for gloves this time of year!!! But I found them in a drawer, and wanted very much to take photos in ’em.

I just have to point out that my strawberry cup matches my strawberry bow. Lately, I’ve been bobby-pinning some of my bows down to look like a headband in my hair, just for a different look!

The skirts are secondhand (my mom’s!). I love these floral skirts because they are so comfortable!

Muskets, Knee Breeches and Powdered Wigs: Taking a Stroll Back to 1776

First off, I’ve wanted to read 1776 by David McCullough for a very long time, so I was super excited to order it off eBay (I typically buy all of my books used for the cheaper price). The cool thing about buying used books is that you sometimes get very interesting clues about where the book spent its life before it landed in your hands:

So, this used to be a book in the Denver, Colorado public library! Which explains why it’s pretty worn (but I don’t mind – it was only $4!!!). In addition to finding out this was once a library book, I also found someone’s airplane boarding pass placed snugly between two pages. Ain’t this a gem of a book already, before I even began reading it?

Also, shoutout to my George and Martha Washington figurines that I’ve owned for years, for finally having the perfect photo op!

Truthfully, I’ve never taken the time to really learn about the American Revolution (aside from the standard things I learned in school, but by now, my knowledge of it is pretty rusty). But I knew I wanted to learn in depth about this time period, and based on reviews, this is apparently the go-to book if you want to learn about the American Revolution – and I can see why! The writing style paints a vivid picture of the American patriots, as well as the British loyalists. It unfolds like a gripping story and is far from the dry history-book style of information that I remember from school.

Honestly, I get lost in this book – it’s that good. And if a book manages to do that, what more could I ask for???