Spiders: A Web-tastic Fashion Statement

Spiders: Spirit Halloween

If only spiders could be this glittery!!! When I got these spiders a few Halloweens ago, I only used them once, and had them attached to bows (a DIY thing I did). Seeing them again with fresh eyes, I thought, these don’t need bows – let’s stuff ’em in my hair as is! And the result was a fun one; what other way to be wacky than walk around with spiders in one’s hair?

These creepy-crawlers don’t have to wait for their debut around Halloween! Spiders are more out-and-about during these warmer months anyway, so it works – in my book, anyway. Call me the creepy spider lady – I’ll take it! πŸ•·πŸ’•

Top: Secondhand
Skirt: Amazon (I added the buttons and pockets)

See ya next time!!! πŸ•·πŸ•Έ And may none of y’all walk into a spider web.

❀️ Stripes and Florals πŸ’œ

Socks: Made them myself from tights!

Purple and black, red and black, paired with florals? I think I’m in love!!! πŸ’œβ€οΈ

Top: Hot Topic (Poshmark)
Top: Hot Topic (Poshmark)
Skirt: Secondhand

I must say, my (new to me) rose skirt, which is a hand-me-down from my mom, is my new favorite skirt!!! 🌹

Accessories New and Old: A Collective Nostalgic Soul

Purse: Temu

Yesterday, while lounging around the house in-between my weekly Monday work-team calls, I discovered episodes of Saved By the Bell: The College Years was running as a marathon on the Entertainment channel. It totally made my Monday, because I LOVE the college years spinoff they did (even if it only ran for one season, from 1993 to early 1994).

While watching, I couldn’t get enough of the fashion. I spotted some gals wearing dresses with black work boots, and I thought, hey, I think I have a pair somewhere, buried in my closet. Sure enough, I did! And I love the result: cutesy mixed with some edge. (Can’t get any more cutesy than the sequin bunny purse!!!)

I donned some old-school jewelry I used to wear in the ’90s – a clay ring, a necklace I got for 25 cents from a gumball machine outside K-Mart back in the day, oh – and for show, I included my favorite butterfly eraser!

Overall, I’d say I love how these black work boots add an edgy spin to my outfits now!!! I’m so glad I remembered I had them. So, thanks, Saved By the Bell: The College Years – the grunge look was definitely going on in those episodes!

Heck, if I’m going to go down this nostalgic ’90s road, I might as well have the music for it too:

I purchased this used many years ago for a great price (as you can see!), and it’s one of my favorite ’90s albums!!!

Time to crank up Smashing Young Man in my Challenger and soak in these warm days we’re having! 😎

Flowers, Fashion and Fun: Samantha’s Art Corner

Doesn’t the title sound like a half-hour TV segment??? πŸ’œπŸ’–

Today I thought I’d share, along with my favorite stripes-and-floral outfits, a nice view of the flowers growing in my front yard, and some spontaneous artwork I did on Sunday afternoon!

Embracing the yellow accessories in these looks:

Hair scarf: SHEIN / Flower hair clips: Temu / Choker: Etsy / Bunny ring: RUSS, Poshmark
Whole outfit: Secondhand
Stuffed animal: Temu (gift from sister)
Hair scarf: SHEIN / Chick ring + Flower hair clip: Temu / Bracelet: SHEIN / Heart choker: Etsy
Whole outfit: Secondhand

YUSSSSSSSS!!! I love these two outfits so much (I love stripes with florals!).

Here are the pretty flowers adorning my front yard; I live in a condo complex, so this is courtesy of the gardeners who planted them, not my own green thumb!!! The other day, I went on a Starbucks run to grab some coffee for myself, mom and sister, when I noticed these same stunning flowers were lining the drive-thru of the Starbucks I went to! They’re breathtaking:

The flowers and my butterfly bracelet, plus the butterfly hair scarf I was wearing inspired some spontaneous artwork. I used markers to obtain bright colors, and while the marker ink did bleed a little bit, I still love the outcome!!!

I’m not used to drawing with markers, so it felt a little amateurish, but then I realized, that’s exactly why I love it!!! It doesn’t have to be perfect. The whole point of it was to draw what inspired me at the moment (the sunshine, the flowers in the yard, my butterfly bracelet and hair scarf) and it encapsulates it perfectly in one happy image. It earned a spot on my refrigerator, so when I see it, I remember that moment of inspiration!

If you’re up for it, I highly recommend trying out this kind of spontaneous artwork of something around you that inspires you, too! It was fun and refreshing! πŸŒΈπŸ¦‹πŸŒΈ

Bear Ears Hairstyle: This Bear Loves Boba

Creating this bear ears look was actually an accident. I was about to pin my hair extensions into the usual buns, but lo’ and behold, I upturned the batch of hair and I thought, hey, this looks like a bear ear. Somehow, I managed to make the other one look almost the exact same. Wowwwwww!!!

I’ll probably not be able to replicate this again since it was an unexpected creation, hahaha! So, I wanted to document it! πŸ»πŸ’—

And today, this bear is enjoying some boba. 🐻🌸 Happy Friday!!!

Fashionable Bugs: Nothin’ to Swat At

With warmer days on the horizon, bug season approaches. Which is fine, because I love the heat, so I’ll take it! While sure, I’m afraid of some bugs out there, but that’s all the more reason I thought I’d look through this vintage book I own, which is all about BUGS. (And, subsequently, I blew some bubbles from an ice cream shaped container! I enjoy doing this on my front porch on a warm day.)

And while I was at it, I thought I’d incorporate some faux bugs as part of my accessories, because why not make bugs fashionable?

The bee ring is a cupcake topper, and the black paint has been chipped away over time, and now reads “Bre Mine”. But I think it adds a certain charm to it!!!

Shoes: Dolls Kill / Egg socks: H&M
Top and skirt: Secondhand / Hair scarf: SHEIN

Funny enough, I seem to attract bugs. I can sit down somewhere, and lo’ and behold, a baby spider appears out of nowhere, crawling across my hand or across my laptop keyboard at any given coffee shop. I’ll then let it crawl across my hand for a few seconds, observing it carefully before sending it on its way by transferring it onto the table. (All of this, of course, further making me look totally crazy to any onlookers – but I’m just managing expectations and solidifying my ‘crazy-big-haired-woman’ status in this town).

I’ll end this post with two pages from the bug book that I especially liked:

Shoutout to all the flies and mosquitos out there. It has to be hard going through life constantly being swatted at. And for that, I salute you!!!

Purple Power: Happy in Daisy Duck Gear

While I’m normally all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes you don’t always feel like yourself, right? Maybe you feel a bit down, or otherwise not operating at your highest level. BUT!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, it happens very rarely when I feel that way, and I’m quickly back to my regular, chipper self in no time. I have to remind myself sometimes that it’s okay to have an off day, and cut myself some slack. (I think it’s because I’m used to always feeling perky and positive, so if I have an off day, I’m so shocked by it that I don’t know how to handle the foreign feeling and I just feel like crying as a result!).

Anyway, this Daisy Duck accessory theme emphasizes my feel-good attitude and celebrates it! (Because having an off day makes me appreciate feeling perky all the more so.) And, adding a thin braid in my hair made me feel leveled up. 😎

Every accessory shown below is from Temu (the butterfly bracelet is from SHEIN), and incidentally, I had a Daisy Duck necklace from childhood that I still had stashed in a jewelry box. πŸ’œ It completed the look!

Shirt and Skirt: Secondhand / Clear belt: SHEIN
Shoes: BAIT Footwear

Don’t forget to smile easily and be good to yourself!!! πŸ₯° And the next time you have an off day, remember that tomorrow is an entirely new day!

Hoppy Easter to Ya!

What can I say – I ❀️ Easter!!! Chocolates, bunnies, and pastel colors – what’s not to love?

And, adorable accessories, to boot! The bunny couple necklace, bunny ring, and chick ring are vintage kids jewelry from the 1980’s that I bought on Poshmark not too long ago! As a kid, Easter jewelry was always my favorite – and still is, apparently.

Lady bugs are so spring, and carrots are a bunny’s favorite snack. I felt they completed the look!

Necklace/rings: RUSS, Poshmark / Fuzzy pink hair clips: SHEIN / Carrot hair clips: Temu / Lady bug hair clips: Amazon

I hope everyone enjoys this gloriously awesome holiday! πŸ£πŸ’•

Shoes: Dolls Kill
Bow: SHEIN / Barrette: The Tote Trove
Dress and gloves: Secondhand

Have a rockin’, hoppin’ day filled with lots of chocolate!!! 🐰

Pins from the Past: Flowers and Minnie Mouse Rock the House

Recently on Poshmark, I scored a bargain deal on some Easter-themed accessories – all from the 1980s!!! I’ll save the others for my Easter blog post, but for now, I’ll show this adorable flower basket pin. πŸ’

AND, a Minnie Mouse pin I’ve had since childhood! πŸ€—

I love that these two pins have the same style! They just don’t make pins like these anymore.

Now for my two outfits!

Pink Bow: SHEIN
Egg socks: H&M / Shoes: Dolls Kill

My outfits felt really fun because I love my polka-dotted black nylons I wore with them! And in the second outfit, the navy polka-dotted blouse-dress is secondhand from the 1980s. Cool, huh? I’ve always loved the whole black-nylons-with-socks look; it’s very β€˜80s/early β€˜90s-ish. Which is very fitting, considering the era of these pins! 😎

Sonic Blast from the Past: Nostalgic Clips and Pins for the Win!

I love cute accessories, so when I scrounged through my jewelry box and discovered some old pins from my childhood, I decided they needed to come out for some air!

The childhood pins I mention are the cute ballet girls at the top of the photo! In elementary school, I wore pins on my shirts almost daily. Why not wear them as an adult?! I feel like I’m keeping in touch with my inner child, and that’s a source I always like to draw inspiration from. I don’t know; it always makes me feel happier! πŸ’–

The red strawberry clips are from Etsy and the bunny and strawberry clips were a gift from my sister from Temu (which is apparently a happenin’ website these days, I hear!).

Banana socks: SHEIN / Shoes: Dolls Kill
Cardigan: Secondhand / Dress: Forever 21

Fun fun fun!!! You know what’s also fun? Going to Sonic and getting myself a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast. πŸš€

So, don’t forget to have a blast when the opportunity arises. Whatever that may be: in my case, it’s hanging out in my car and having a blast while eating a Sonic Blast, and donning inner-child-approved accessories!

I’ll cheers to that! πŸ₯€